EDIT: Siege Defense AI doesn't target constants.

    • EDIT: Siege Defense AI doesn't target constants.

      So, I'm a bit new to siege defense, having not played Hex for a long time. It's a really fun mode, but my decks lose to their first challenger every time.

      Watching the replays, something like 90% of them are running daybreak/nightfall/verdict/judgment and a billion other constant cards. They just straight outheal the damage being done to them and wait for the AI to slowly die on its own. Which got me super angry.

      So I built a deck specifically to counter that, with mostly anti-constant cards in it, and I learned why everyone runs it.

      The AI will NOT, under any circumstances, target Constant cards. It has all sorts of cards that destroy/transform/sacrifice "target constant" or "target card", but it will not use them against constants.

      (I've seen it use cards against creatures that could also target constants, but it won't use them on constants, even if there's nothing but constants on the field.)

      A couple of screenshots where I test this out.

      Tested with Default and "Destroy Them All" personalities.

      Please fix this. Siege Defense is broken and frustrating because everyone is abusing this.
    • This will not resolve your issue but if constants bother you and until this is resolved you can use cards that do more than that. Like Chomposaur, Rotting Chompknight or try cards that don't target like Scouring Light. However I would still try those options in the Siege practicemode.
    • I was thinking of just creating a burn deck instead, since the decks that do that take a while to come online and I don't have any of those cards you listed.

      EDIT: I just realized the AI didn't have the thresholds to play the card I screenshotted. But there are diamond cards and one-blue-threshold cards that can target constants in its deck too and it won't use those either.

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    • An update: It seems that the siege AIs don't play or discard constants from their hands either.

      I tested in a game with an AI that has 4 Wall of Kukatan in its deck. Multiple matches, I dragged it out until it had about 10-15 cards left in its deck, and I never saw it play or discard a single Wall of Kukatan.

      It's as if the AIs aren't aware that the constants exist.
    • Update: More testing. I think I was wrong. There's no difference in how personalities handle constants.

      Siege Defense AIs:
      • Can play constants, but prefer other cards first.
      • Can interrupt your constants.
      • Will not play cards targeting constants on the playing field.
      That first bit is probably what has been throwing me off. The AI has always had other cards in its hand, so it would not play any constants while it could play those.

      When I saw an Aggressive AI play its constants, that was probably because it had nothing else in its hand.