Immortal Signature Decks

    • Immortal Signature Decks

      Since Immortal gonna be a bit more supported format, I believe we should get Immortal signature decks.
      I propose Yotul Mogak, as you can build competitive list including rare resources without messing with prices of cards.

      Example list:

      Yotul Mogak

      4 Ghostblade Duelist
      4 Arena Regular
      3 Darkspire Priestess
      4 Whirling Brutalizer

      3 Burn
      3 Fireball
      4 Crackling Bolt
      3 Burning Tendrils
      2 Fatal Feast

      4 Blood Infusion Device
      4 Ebony Pawn

      10 Ruby Shard
      3 Blood Shard
      4 Well of Hatred
      3 Remnant of Hatred
      2 Shard of Hatred

      4 Burning Ire
      2 Crackling Magma
      3 Nefarious Corruptor
      2 Runic Passion
      1 Fatal Feast
      3 Electrofry

      Yes, thats my list from last ICS [3-4th place] with just removed Necropolis Coins as they were backfiring.
    • As much as I liked and that I am for the current standard signature deck ,
      I am against this

      We are in a tcg. Where trading and value has its place. All non standard cards are not expensive and we have at one point let the economy do it’s work. We have great 3rd party websites like hex primal and battle shopper that lets you buy deck easily and they are even linked to hex pvp tools for direct pricing.

      Immortal is normally not for new players and is made for the more experience players that know how the game works and know that they need to invest into the game.