Immortal Constructed Gauntlent Celebration Giveaway

    • Immortal Constructed Gauntlent Celebration Giveaway

      Hi Hexers!

      The much-loved Constructed Gauntlet mode is back! At, we are thrilled to be partnering up with Hex Entertainment once again and integrating this Immortal Gauntlet on-demand queue with our bi-monthly Immortal Championship Series.

      To celebrate the return of this great mode and to share our excitement with the community, we are doing another giveaway. All you have to do to participate is to share your story of your favorite Immortal card (Set 1-4). Creative, funny, interesting submissions are encouraged!

      Every participant will receive 10,000 Gold. The best 6 entries, chosen at our discretion, will receive one of the 6 unique decks (full Main Deck) that have made the Top 8 in the last HexPrimal Immortal Championship Series (interesting & diverse meta). The decks are as follows:

      Please submit your entry no later than Friday June 1st 23:59 Pacific Time. Winners will be announced and all prizes sent shortly after the deadline.

      Great entries all across, thanks for taking part! :)

      All prizes have now been sent. Winners are as follows (in no specific order):

      - Infestation: Love that passion for brewing and trying to constantly find ways to make a card you like work.
      - Sethanon: Taking such a flavorful card into the competitive scene with success is impressive.
      - Arracor: Very well written plight of such a race-defining card.
      - Ducklett: What's better than a story where you get to combine your passions!?
      - AxelDWater: Having that level of imagination and letting it take you to different worlds. This is how Hex should be played!
      - CoSVII: Another great piece that brings a race to life in all of their flavor and glory.

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    • My favorite card has always been Pack Raptor AA (AA especially, but regular art is cool too). I already liked what I had been seeing when I first saw the Kickstarter, but when I saw the Pack Raptor, I literally said out loud, "Oh, HELL YES." I backed on the spot. This is the card that showed me immediately what Hex was up to, and what they wanted to do with the digital space. It was a clear and obvious evolution of the old paper TCG formats of the past, and I was ON BOARD. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the cards and start figuring out ways to break them.

      Honestly, the thing I'm still saddest about in all of the changes that got made to the KS PVE cards between the Kickstarter and when we actually got them in game, was how they changed the Ebonrock mercenary. I was so looking forward to my army of zero cost robot raptors! ;)

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    • When I was searching for MTG alternatives, I've found Hex. One of the first things that got my attention were the similar cards between games, and specially with cards that I used to play almost twenty years ago (man I'm old), when I was 12-13 and starting to play card games. Having the chance to play Shock and Llanowar Elves in a new game felt totally great for me... but there's a card that just stood out versus the rest.

      My only "good" deck back at that time (it wasn't even good) was a pseudo white-blue control deck. The only thing it did was trying to stall the game and then beat you with flying dorks. Against my other friends who played Magic was an ok deck (remember: 13 years and not that much money), and I just liked to play that kind of decks.

      You can imagine how long I've waited 'till I bought my Angel of Dawn copies in Hex. Why? Because back in that time, my win condition was basically Serra Angel. Yep, that basic. But it worked in "that meta". But there's a little history behind:

      So, this is why I cherish that card so much: I got one as a gift from a friend, and immediately wanted some more. With no job and almost no money, I just saved the pennies I got for the school's snack every day for 2 or 3 months until I could afford other copies. Back in the day, if you wanted to buy cards your best shot would be at Parque Rivadavia, a big park in the middle of Buenos Aires with a zone for used books and comics. A few stands had the traditional magic folder with over priced cards. It was a 50mins trip at bus from my home to that park. I usually could only buy cheap commons and uncommons, or some crappy rares, so imagine my joy when I went with the money to buy 3 Serra Angel! Eventually, I only got 2 copies (one in very bad condition), but with 3x I was the king of the castle (until another friend bought a necro deck).

      Time passed and I lost that deck (I still don't know how, it ended in the back of my house and eventually disappeared some years later), but that style of playing just stood with me forever, and specially the joy of beating my friends over the air. So when I bought my Angel of Dawn copies I was kind of excited because I felt I was that 13 years old boy again who was very happy just because he could buy some cards :)

      (That's also why I always try to play DS control with flying dorks - love you, Doombringer Kha - or play DS Fly in whatever format I can).

      So, for the reminiscence of a different time, my favorite card in Hex is Angel of Dawn.
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    • My favorite card from sets 1 through 4 is Thunderfield Elder. It allowed for some crazy combo decks like prophecy burn.

      My absolute favorite use of it was in a D/S combo deck with Eternal Youth and Holy Ascension. Jeff Hoogland piloted it in the craziest Hex game I've ever seen. At one point, he was down to 3 health and drew a double copied Eternal Youth. He eventually ascended into a Paragon of Righteousness and gained over 100,000 health. His opponent was about to run out of cards in their deck, but used a Kraken Barrel Cheddar to steal an Eternal Youth with the Thunderfield Elder prophecy on it. Then proceeded to gain 10,000s of thousands of health with a Forever's Child in play creating Orchin every turn.
      Display Spoiler
      Jeff eventually won the game due to his opponent running out of time.

      Here's the youtube link if you want to watch the game.
    • Mine Is Similar to @RoguePhysicist , but my favourite is without a doubt Lanupaw's Sight.

      When i started out my two favourite decks were Winter Moon Recycling Value Machine and McBombus aggro both of which utilised sight.

      Prophecy is an amazing mechanic and great use of the digital design space. Hitting a card like combat training or flickering gobbler with a nice 'draw a card everytime you play this' added on is the gift that keeps on giving, especiallly in an aggro deck! And again in winter moon decks the idea of 3 cards for 3 resources (probably more draw cards realistically) is amazing!

      Even now when using the FRA Fishbone deck, lanupaws sight is there to make sure you're hand stays nice and full!

      Going to be so happy to dust off some prophecy action in the upcoming gauntlet!
    • I'll go with Arborean Rootfather.

      Invitational Qualifier #4, top 8, round 1, game 3 against Metronomy.

      He was playing Terrorbury and had Phenteo on the board for several turns filling my deck with eggs. Plays an Azurefate Sorceress with bury gem and somehow whiffs. I'm playing the mindless Titania's Majesty deck coin flipping my way to victory. My turn starts and a massive chain of eggs starts resolving. There is one Walking Calamity in the deck cycling back and forth from my deck to crypt for almost four and a half minutes straight as all of the eggs and triggers resolve. I started to think he might just lose from timing out as the chain did not pass priority. The entire time I'm sure he was certain the game was over as I had one card left in deck, one card in hand, and nothing on board staring down way more Terrorantulas then were needed. Once it was finally over, I got to hard cast that last card that got put in my hand after the first series of eggs. Rootfather, take 8 direct damage with only 7 life remaining. GG.

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    • It pains me to admit that my favorite immortal card is no longer Phenteo the Brood Priest, since Vennens where what first pulled me into HEX with their promises of competitive spider/spider-people decks.

      Instead, my favorite immortal card has become Splinter of Bokrug. It went from being a card I had a single copy of to a card that I had a full playset of, with extended art of course, waiting for the release of Dead of Winter. Once I had acquired the card I wanted the most from the set, which was Malevolent Mi'go, I went straight into the immortal queue in order to test out the deck I had brewed. Despite the high variance of finding a self bury effect, it was the most fun I've had in HEX. I had such a blast that I even went ahead and wrote a lengthy explanation post on its TCGbrowser page to anyone who happened to view it and shared the deck on my twitter. This lead me to being a silent member of HEX's community to being mostly a silent member of HEX's community but with like, 13 forum posts and a few tweets; baby steps! To this day the deck continues to bring me great joy as I make changes to the list and pilot it. I'd often go into the immortal queue despite having 20-40 tickets for the next tourney, that I couldn't even play in, just to try to live the dream of flipping 3 of my aMi'gos into play off my favorite clunky 2 drop.

      Outside of my personal preferences and love for the card, I think Splinter of Bokrug is actually a powerful card. Its the best at what it does and incidentally enables Scour the Archives as a tutor while advancing the deck's gameplan. It provides fuel for Sunsoul Phoenix and Culmination of Blood, which are quite powerful payoffs. It can get grabbed by Grim Justice AA and Refuel, which is super cute for rebuying its effect. Splinter is also bonkers alongside Nameless Pact. A gain 6~ + a 1/2 flying blocker for 2 is no joke and has helped me close out games by racing down aggro or buying time against mono-blood bride beat downs in order to bury them dead.

      I love this card and I'm very excited to try this deck out in the immortal gauntlets. This deck is my HEX brainchild and it wouldn't be possible without this flying ball of clunk. Even if it eventually gets replaced by a better card it'll have a place in my heart because of the joy it has brought me and as the first enabler of my favorite kind of archetype in card games.

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    • It is for sure Flickering Gobbler, a card that I initially looked at as just being weird and cute and fine in its Standard shell at the time McBombus (which I obviously also played but that deck isn't interesting to talk about, everyone knows what it did and how good it was at doing that) got a couple of double takes with its equipment - Flickering Knife. For those that don't know, it gives the Gobbler "Deploy - A random action in your hand gets Cost -1." which takes the card from 'Good at killing people' to 'combo engine, still good at killing people.'

      It was, may still be, one of the better equipments for its deck type and I'm hard pressed to not find a place for it it the Campaign character can run more than 2 copies in its color and also cares about actions, even if it just fires off once you get 3 damage and -1 cost which is more than worthwhile, its like a weird burn version of Mindcall.

      Unfortunately the absent support for more campaign content with more reasonable difficulty makes it a bit underwhelming but he performs okay in the FRA in the right shells. He's just a cool little dude with really good equipment, even if he's ugly as sin and reminds me a chubby DOOM Imp stapled onto a Hex card.
    • Ashwood Apprentice. That card made set 3/4 limited a lot fun for me. It was a card at common you had to respect. Even if its deploy effect didn't win the game for you, you ended up with a big body on board you opponent had to deal with. You also had to expect it to played against any time your opponent was in ruby making you question how many troops to hold back. Also it was in my favorite archetype Hex has had, prophecy / empower. Getting prophecy to hit a card with empower and being able to double its effects was such a value move in limited and feel good moment.

      Bring back set 3/4 limited.
    • Ohh man I like that you're doing this and I have the perfect card than i'm sure no one will see coming.

      It's got to be Zodiac Shaman for my favorite immortal card for me. Not for any in game reason. I was new to the game and went into my first hex stream and started chatting. Eventually I made a joke calling Zodiac Shaman an amazing card and I decided to push it as far as I could ever since. How could a card that both dodges Vanquish AND gets copies by Periwinkle not be an amazing card. It's so good that I just need as many as I can get! \0/
    • Ossuary wrote:

      Honestly, the thing I'm still saddest about in all of the changes that got made to the KS PVE cards between the Kickstarter and when we actually got them in game, was how they changed the Ebonrock mercenary. I was so looking forward to my army of zero cost robot raptors! ;)
      You're not the only one. I had a deck I wanted to play that was basically Pack Raptor + War Machinist combo for raids that would do infinite damage on turn 1 with a good draw. Seeing some of the other mercenaries and things we've gotten, I'm not sure it really deserved it's nerf/rework, but hopefully we'll get someone similar to him someday. My favorite part about the deck was the idea of using his blueprint artifact to go copy a spectral lotus for a free lotus activation on turn 2 every game. So many dreams squashed.

      My favorite Set 1 card though is easily replicator's gambit, and 90% of that is the Alternate Art, which looks amazing. In terms of viability, I could see it coming back every now and again. Every time we get a good tutor, it's worth considering again for PvE.

      Edit: For Reeplay's Zodiac Shaman above, didn't it get some pretty bonkers equipment at some point that was able to do some infinite shenanigans?
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    • My favorite card is Wrathwood Master Moss.

      As to why? It was the thing that kickstarted me into Hex.

      Being a non-kickstarter, I started Hex F2P and made my first pennies with trading things on the Auction House. I barely got 50 or 100 plat together.

      And then... I spun a Set 2 chest. And what popped out: Wrathwood Master Moss. A card that was worth over 2000p at that time.

      I smiled. Laughed. Jumped up and down...and then I sold it... buy the ingredients for my first real Hex Deck!
    • My best memory is clearly of Gore Feast of Kog'Tepetl in the set 2 days of Cerulean Mirror Knight and Storm Cloud of winning my first big tournament with the power of card advantage and cheap interaction and extremely high damage output, I miss doing math to see if I have lethal, there is so much overkill in the format these days its nice to count out exactly lethal with your 0/1 Royal Falcon and Bittybolt with the power of gorefeast.
    • Obsidian wrote:

      Edit: For Reeplay's Zodiac Shaman above, didn't it get some pretty bonkers equipment at some point that was able to do some infinite shenanigans?

      Its equipment lets you exhaust it to ready each other troop you control. So 2 zodiac shamans + sight of the sun = infinite resources. I'm pretty sure they put it in there JUST because of the joke of Reeplay saying it was the greatest card in the game. Either that, or they also liked the idea of taking a completely worthless card in PVP and turning it into a PVE mega-power. ;)

      "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
      - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well
    • Ossuary wrote:

      Obsidian wrote:

      Edit: For Reeplay's Zodiac Shaman above, didn't it get some pretty bonkers equipment at some point that was able to do some infinite shenanigans?
      Its equipment lets you exhaust it to ready each other troop you control. So 2 zodiac shamans + sight of the sun = infinite resources. I'm pretty sure they put it in there JUST because of the joke of Reeplay saying it was the greatest card in the game. Either that, or they also liked the idea of taking a completely worthless card in PVP and turning it into a PVE mega-power. ;)
      Damn it, why don't we have a mainstream PVE deck with Zodiac Shaman until now? Or am I just too blind to see one?
    • You are asking for a story about favorite Immortal card and you shall have it... My favorite card is Iljun's Parade (and of course also Iljuni Mirthkin)

      My story starts in July 2015 when Armies of Myth got released and I got fascinated by a card that creates two celebrating elephants that are obsessed with tea.

      "It isn't truly a party until Iljuni tea is served." -Jaswinder the Joyous

      While the card was almost unplayed after release dropping quickly all the way to 31p, I thought it really has some constructed potential with the Major socket and I was scheming what would be the best way to play it and actually kill people with those cute little beasts. Meanwhile I have bought a lot Paradades for 31p and some even for gold (my current stock is still 35).

      I was not very successful initially trying to play a value S/D with Cerulean Mirror Knight AA, Soul Marble AA and Iljun's Parade with draw a card gem. Meta was too shifted towards control and pure aggro. Let's go back in time and look at the format that was actually going on in 2015. Back in the days most played decks were Kranok Vampire Control, R/S Tetzot with Azurefate and Cressida ramp while B/S Terrormill was just starting to gain momentum. In coming months I started to shift towards monoruby aggro with Quash Ridge Tusker AA that could coinflip my way to victory if I was on the play. Those were sad days for the Mirthkin.

      In November of 2015 I shifted towards R/D to move to move to a deck that is still very aggressive, but can also answer opposing threats including survival of Extinction (with Hopeheart Unicorn]. After playing the deck for few days I had a revelation, why am I not playing Iljun's Parade socketed with Ruby of Destruction?!? Its 4 damage to the face and it brings 2 2/2 bodies that can continue to maintain pressure (the deck also played Martyr to get even more value with the Parade). This also enabled me to switch to Bryson Maplewood (nobody was playing him back in the days) to push the final damage. I entered Blood Cup with this crazy deck and manage to score 7:2 and get a highlight in Fiveshards. I was thrilled.

      You can find the decklist below:
      Display Spoiler

      cardcard type#
      Diamond ShardResource12
      Ruby ShardResource9
      Angel of DawnTroop4
      Protectorate DefenderTroop4
      Quash Ridge TuskerTroop4
      Valiant EscortTroop4
      Crackling BoltBasic Action4
      MartyrQuick Action4
      Iljun’s ParadeBasic Action3
      BurnQuick Action3
      Deadeye RipperTroop3
      Hopeheart UnicornTroop3
      Solitary ExileConstant2
      Pride’s FallQuick Action1

      Frost WizardTroop3
      Heat WaveBasic Action3
      Pride’s FallQuick Action3
      Cerebral DominationConstant2
      Houndmaster of ArdevaasTroop1

      Since then I just loved to play the those tea loving elephants (of course extended) and I was playing variations of deck until next set dropped and I jumped on the McBombus train.

      Fast forward three years there was not a lot of love for Iljuni. Prosperous Iljun was pretty weak and even Iljuni Mediator did not help. I was still playing the Parade in PvE, but it did not seem to constructed viable anymore. Then Doombringer came and brought Major Gem of Batallion and elephants were suddenly back in the game rocking it hard in Immortal (thanks Skaro).

      There is only one way to end the story... with a cup of tea!
      [Blocked Image:]

      PS: HEX don't you love Iljuni as much as I do? They are genuine, happy and prosperous race, surely you can finally print Iljun, the Primal of Prosperity in the next set! ;)

      "My people shall know genuine happiness. This is the greatest gift I can bestow upon them. -Iljun, the Primal of Prosperity"
    • I really liked Thunderbird. Coming from MTGO, the power level felt out of control for a common. A flying troop that gets stronger every turn and only cost 2 resources? Yes please! I also thought Buccaneer was OP! A card that bounces a troop AND makes the casting cost increase permanently, thats when I knew HEX was for me.
    • Has to be cottontail explorer, that little bunny that looks so bad to the newcomers eyes that has so much potential. Need shards? Explore. Want a to resurrect some kind of zombie plant / rabbit / monster? Explore. Fancy accelerating your culmination of blood? Explore. And the little guy is always willing to take a hit for you if someone is trying to smash your face in. Lovely bunny.
    • Mastery of time has to be my favorite, i remember the first time i played hex a friend of mine lend me his deck and it was a mastery of time deck, i read the card and i was like "this is insane!" the first match i played i though the card was way different tho, my opponent had lethal on board and i was like ok so when he attacks me i will play mastery of time so i have one extra turn after this ... obviously the card does not work like and isn't even a card that i can play on my opponent's turn but i was so convinced that the card should work that i was searching all over the internet why i couldn't play my card when i finally watched a video how the deck works and i was so ashamed of myself that i sent a message to my friend and told him "dude take your deck back it didn't work for me" after like 2 months i bought the deck and i had a lot of fun with it and it became my favorite card :)