Siege sack contents

    • Siege sack contents

      Thought I'd pop out a positive thread:

      R Angar Krad
      R Rosina Leckermaul

      U Arcannum Vaccuum
      U Songstring Warden
      R Siege Golem
      R Spark of Fury
      L Heart of Carnage

      AA Cards:
      L Eternal Seeker
      R Thought Collector
      R Righteous Waxshot

      U Carnage Greaves
      U Siege Stone
      U Sparked helm
      U Eternal Gauntlets
      U Collector's Gloves
      U Arcanist's Slippers
      U Songstring Bow
      U Candlecap
      R Sparkblade
      R Waxing Bow
      R Siege Stompers
      R Vaccuum Robes
      R Thought Protector
      L Carnage Plate
      L Deepwood Locket

      Siege Golem
      Eternal Seeker
      Sonstring Warden
      Blood Shard
      Sapphire Shard
      Diamond Shard
      Ruby Shard
      Wild Shard

      AAA Shards:

      I ran across a post somewhere that said there were 9 equips, but after I passed that # I thought mebbe we should actually keep track...

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    • Here is the complete list:

      max #ItemDescription
      4Righteous Waxshot AAAA PVP
      4Arcanum VacuumPVE
      4Siege GolemPVE
      4Heart of CarnagePVE
      4Eternal Seeker AA AA PVP
      4Songstring WardenPVE
      4Spark of FuryPVE
      4Thought CollectorAA PVP
      1Angar KradMercenary
      1Rosina LeckermaulMercenary
      1Waxing BowEquipment (Righteous Waxshot)
      1Arcanaist's SlippersEquipment (Arcanum Vacuum)
      1SparkbladeEquipment (Spark of Fury)
      1Eternal GauntletEquipment (Eternal Seeker)
      1Vacuum RobesEquipment (Arcanum Vacuum)
      1Thought ProtectorEquipment (Thought Collector)
      1CandlecapEquipment (Righteous Waxshot)
      1Songstring BowEquipment (Songstring Warden)
      1Carnage GreavesEquipment (Heart of Carnage)
      1Sparked HelmEquipment (Spark of Fury)
      1Siege StompersEquipment (Siege Golem)
      1Siege StoneEquipment (Siege Golem)
      1Collector's GlovesEquipment (Thought Collector)
      1Deepwood LocketEquipment (Songstring Warden)
      1Carnage PlateEquipment (Heart of Carnage)
      infDiamond Shard
      infRuby Shard
      infWild Shard
      infBlood Shard
      infSapphire Shard
      1Ruby Shard Sleeve
      1Siege Golem Sleeve
      1Diamond Shard Sleeve
      1Sapphire Shard Sleeve
      1Refuel Sleeve
      1Eternal Seeker Sleeve
      1Wild Shard Sleeve
      1Songstring Warden Sleeve
      1Blood Shard Sleeve