Armor from Bulwark of Faith is permanent

    • Armor from Bulwark of Faith is permanent

      This came up against Angel of Dawn Elite in Merry Melee. Bulwark of Faith is supposed to make it so that your troops each give you Armor 1. But if a troop buffed by Bulwark of Faith later leaves play or has that text reverted off of it, you get to keep the armor. It's not just a visual bug either, the armor actually does prevent damage.
    • I gotta check this bug again. Yesterday I played against a keep and he had 18 armor.
      I managed a combat trick with annihilixes, many phantoms and two dormant ones, destroyed a bunch of troops and I am definitely sure his armor dropped to 8. But then Angel of Glory brought em back. Bummer. I was stuck at 4 resources for 8-9 turns. I stalled the board with the unbpund ones. Then I draw a Guidance get a fifth shard and attack with everything so then I could use summit sentence. Too bad for me cause I was so angry with this shardscrew and eager to wipe the board that I didn't notice that I didn't have 2D. Such a shame.
      But as I said, his armor dropped to 0/8, not 8/18, and his health was one swing from death, I definitely possitive on this.
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