Any way to deal with verdict using BR based on my specific strategy?

    • Any way to deal with verdict using BR based on my specific strategy?

      I have 2 decks at the moment I am working on perfecting. One of them is a BR using a combination of 2 ruby cards for a massive amount of quick action damage (10+) as the finisher. Up to that point the deck damages opposing champion directly, plus they lose life. The deck is mostly an action based control/burn deck. Only troops it runs are Primordial Sabretooth, Boltwing Phoenix, and third troop I want to keep secret for now until I see if strategy works as the third is one of the two cards used in the finisher.

      Obviously trying to burn a verdict deck with their Daybreaks and lifedrain constant like Twilight Eclipse is going to go nowhere unless your burn and nightfalls from that B card that destroys a troop and creates a nightfall can take them down faster than they can accumulate Daybreaks.

      Only answer for constants I can find for BR that does not require splashing is an artifact called Disruptor Drone, but I'm not sure if it would be enough. Only other thing I can think of is taking cards from hand with Withered Gaze and Crackling Torment, which won't help with all the verdicts, nor would it help for constants they draw and play in same turn. It's also possible they won't accumulate too many Daybreaks since I don't need troops to live, therefor I would have no problem choosing the negative options like sacrificing a troop or giving my troops -1/-1 instead of choosing to give them Daybreak. I would only give them a Daybreak if the negative required me to discard. So maybe Disruptor Drone is enough? Anything I might be overlooking?

      EDIT: I forgot that verdict negative and positive are opposite effects, so anytime Daybreak is the positive for them option, Nightfall will be the negative for me option. Brain fart, lol. So yeah I think I wouldn't mind giving them Nightfall since it will run Violet's Curse to gain me life. So this means Twilight Eclipse is the only constant we need to worry about. So hopefully Disruptor Drone in reserves is enough. Should be.

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    • Morwath wrote:

      Dark Heart of Nulzann and Eternal Seeker
      I don't want to add more troops since the win condition requires playing lots of actions to reduce cost of the win condition, and Eternal Seeker is costly in a non-ramp and/or non-"sapphire acceleration" deck. But I suppose in reserves it wouldn't hurt. Dark Heart is too easy to kill without sapphire gems. As for Seeker, I suppose it could be mainboarded if I'm willing to replace either a Boltwing or a Sabretooth.