Immortal Tears by Prismatic Tournament

    • Immortal Tears by Prismatic Tournament

      -Immortal Double Elimination Tournament


      1st Friday of Each Month @17:30 UTC

      3rd ever immortal tears on Friday, 08/03/2018

      Entry & Fee

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      -Entry fees will be submitted along with your registration to the tournament host.
      -Registration opens on the day before the tournament, check announcements for open registration.-Must be part of the Prismatic discord to enter. Entry is not restricted to members only, you may apply to be a guest to enter.-Tournament is restricted to PC players since PS4 does not have challenge feature nor mail feature.

      Prizes are based on entry fees and donations with payouts focused on 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
      Want to donate to the prize pool? Send a direct message to @Hell Crescent#0850 on Discord to learn more!
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      -Some donations are for specific uses such as 4th/5th place prizes door prizes or consolation prizes.-The tournament host may take a small cut of the entry fee pool as payment for their time (Subject to situation)

      \How To Compete/
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      -1 Have a pc account and apply for membership or guest rank on the 'Prismatic Conclave' discord chat.
      -2 Once Registration opens (the day before the tournament) you have until it closes (~20 minutes before the tournament starts) to send your entry fee along with a message that includes your discord name to the tournament host via in game mail.
      Tournament host is subject to change, their ign will be included in the registration open message in the "announcements" chat.
      -3 Wait until the brackets are posted in the announcements page, these brackets will update live and will show you who your opponent is.
      -4 Send your opponent an in game Immortal challenge.
      Players are considered late if they have not accept or attempted to challenge within 5 minutes of either the official start of the tournament or from the last match report from the previous round. In situations where your opponent is late make sure to try to contact them in game or on discord and show us proof of unresponsiveness. Late players may be disqualified.
      -5 Once you win or lose your round report your score in the 'match-reporting' chat. Include your ign and score then your opponents ign and score.
      In cases of false reporting report your opponent to the tournament host and they will check your matches via replay feature.
      -6 Once the bracket is updated with your next opponent you may challenge them at will.
      Remember your opponent isn't late until 5 minutes after the last match of the last round is reported.
      -7 After the tournament is completed the host will divvy out the prizes. Allow a grace period as the host will be doing this manually.
      Prizes will be reported by the host in the "announcements" chat after they are handed out.

      Join the Prismatic Discord Chat Today To Sign Up!
      Guest status available for those who do not wish to join the guild.

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