Friday Update - Who's The Boss

    • Hex is not a coinflip game. Who is the boss is not a coinflip game.

      It's not only skill based I agree but the majority of the game I win in this format it's because my opponent play poorly same for the game i lose, it's because I made a mistake.

      Just look the number of video I made about the Arena. Remember I need about 4 run to have the deck in the video.
      Conclusion I know the deck very well and know the matchup like a proplayer will know the standart and the matchup.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      Somebody I know has a gambling problem.
      S/He bets 0.50c on the result of coinflips.
      Does that a couple dozen times a day (though, really, the amount doesn't matter, even once per day is enough).
      I tell them to stop and criticise the people who run the coinflip games.
      *I* am the bad guy.
      Are you seriously comparing it to a coin flip? It is not as non-random as limited or traditional constructed as many matchups have stupidly favored bosses with nothing the player can do to fix that, but there are still games where player choices matters.