Friday Update - Who's The Boss

    • Verdant wrote:

      vestris wrote:

      Only Elites, no bosses no dragons
      There already are images of people playing Uzume Elite in the mode.
      I mean.. if they included dragons, given their spawn rate and the weekly duration of the event, it's not like we'd likely know about it for a half-year or so. :P

      Airtron wrote:

      I will not play any merry melee until the entry fee is changed to not be plat.
      I'm more interested in them improving the rewards, which are pretty unappealing in structure.
      Just adding "Merry Medallions" (exchangeable for some amount of Siege Sacks or Cosmic Coins, and perhaps also for saving up for a Merry Melee battleground) each tier would add a lot. Also, why limit win rewards to a sleeve? Let's add some exclusive, thematically-appropriate AAs for those who spend a lot of time on a particular mode.

      As is, this "You need 4* wins in 5 matches to get any prizes" structure is pretty blah.. especially with the 100p buy-in. Right now the only appeal the mode has is "I like this particular playstyle bunches" and "Pretty sleeve!". There should be some more generalized reward appeal, as well. Some better consideration to balancing before launching a new MM mode would be nice, as well. If manpower is an issue, they should utilize their dedicated fanbase- we'd be able to quickly point out more obvious issues like Frost Wizard in Corinth no problem.

      (*Unfortunately, a random rare does not feel like a suitable prize for 3/5 wins. :P)

      Improving the MM framework is less obvious and more subjective than in how the devs should address all the other half-completed elements in the game but, either way, it definitely could do with some tweaks moving forward.

      A really cool approach, I think, is if they layer it-
      Have both a gold version, and a plat version, with different rewards, but shared match-ups on the competition.
      As the reward structure is now, though, even gold buy-in doesn't sound all that appealing, especially under the consideration of reduced rewards.
      Tying the new currencies together (and mitigating the mess that is Siege rewards) would be good, I think.
    • So I just tried this really cool new mode and...
      ...went 0-3 on the first run.

      I can say that out of the 3 matches, two felt like a game. And I did have bad luck on cards, so I decided to try it again. It was probably just bad luck.

      So the second run started great, got the Bully and easily won the first match. Almost autowin. And then it went all sideways.

      Top matches that just undermined my further attempt on this random mode: 1) I was playing the constant deck against Avalanche giant. I was on the draw! GG 2) Cheesemaker (me) agains Wild Rood Dancer. Awesome game.

      So to summerize my attempts, I played a total of 7 games, half of them were lost just by being on the wrong end of the recieving stick, payed 200p for this and got nothing in return.

      I am sorry, I hate to complain, but this expirience just ruined my evening and I had to let it out. It seems that this mode is just a coin flip with a very small chance of getting a balanced match.

      I frequently play FRA and know the decks by heart. I was so hyped about this mode but it didn't deliver.

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    • Blackwood wrote:

      I feel like something as simple as making it a mirror match would go a very long way to smoothing out the Who's the Boss? queue experience.
      That's usually how these kinds of modes are handled.
      Unfortunately, Hex's FRA bosses have such simplistic/repetitive decks, a lot would boil down to luck of the draw there- whomever can get key cards in the deck out first.
      Still, if the devs can't reasonably balance the FRA champs against one another, it may be the only functional way to make the mode feel playable.
    • Dinotropia wrote:

      Artic wrote:

      Yeah I missed that, next time could you put it in the patch notes or its own post?
      We informed everyone in the original announcement that it would be coming down when we patched new Merry Melee modes in:

      HexTCG wrote:

      These new modes are just around the corner, but until they launch we have decided not to leave you hanging. We will be bringing the Corinth vs Corinth queues back (starting today at 10am Pacific) until the next Merry Melee format can be patched in. As a reminder, here is how Corinth vs Corinth works:

      The queue itself needs to announce when it ends! Deliver the information at point of use! I'm done wasting my life on your forums and website trying to figure out what I care about and what I don't.
    • I'm enjoying the format so far. Only had one match that felt like it had no chance of going either way (It involved Reaper Bot). Every other one has been a pretty interesting match. It's cool to see what the FRA decks are like when not piloted by the AI.

      I think I'd find a mirror match, as has been suggested, relatively boring.

      I'd love to see some re-balancing to the decks based on win-rate data.
    • I love that HexEnt is trying new things. I think Merry Melee in general is a damn good idea.

      Boss mode is fucking RNG bullshit and I will not apologize for my language on this one. It's bad. It's really really monkey fucking a football bad.

      This mode is fucking rage inducing.

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    • I dunno. A lot of matches are up to luck, but it's still fun playing as the elite champions. It's a novelty format.

      Is 100p too much for entry? Not really in my opinion, especially if you can win packs back from it if you're lucky, but I also don't see why it needs to exist. It's a non-competitive format, not sure why it needs an entry fee. It's misguided on a foundational level, but maybe it'll drag some money in for Hex. I don't mind paying Hex for some entertainment, and yes, I was entertained.
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    • Obsidian wrote:

      I dunno. A lot of matches are up to luck, but it's still fun playing as the elite champions. It's a novelty format.

      Is 100p too much for entry? Not really in my opinion, especially if you can win packs back from it if you're lucky, but I also don't see why it needs to exist. It's a non-competitive format, not sure why it needs an entry fee. It's misguided on a foundational level, but maybe it'll drag some money in for Hex. I don't mind paying Hex for some entertainment, and yes, I was entertained.
      I was really excited to try this mode until I realized it's elite champions. I think it would be a lot of fun to play regular versions of the champions, but elites are horribly balanced amongst themselves. I'll still give it a try though
    • Who's the Boss would be basically fine as a free for-fun-with-friends on-demand mode, but it's terrifically busted for a competitive queue. There's just plain too many FRA Elites that can attain an explosive board state vs. just enough draws of FRA Elites who can't hang with that that there are a cringe-worthy number of match-ups that are just plain impossible.

      Rowdy Piper, Reaper Bot, Lumagorth, etc. are all basically 3-4 turn clocks to sweep as a few examples. If you're running into these dead-end pairings in a casual queue you can shrug it off, roll your eyes / have a chuckle at the ludicrousness and just tag in for another round--but this mode is really just not suited for a paid queue and I don't think there's a whole lot that could be done to salvage it for that purpose.

      By all means, keep the mode in your quiver for funsies on-demand game modes, but HXE, please: tag Corinth in for an encore beside it and/or drop the entry fee and write this round off as an experiment that misfired.
    • I was thinking about this and I still don't get why HEX is just not making the queue free/small gold entry (potentially gold prizes) with 50 wins rewarding the sleeve. Everyone would have their share of fun, silliness and nice rewards. I understand platinum needs to get out of system, but getting people to have fun is really much much more important...

      Most importantly though I think you guys are on right track, few more steps and forgoing that everything needs to cost something and we will be there! :)
    • I like this mode so far
      Yes there is some luck but know the match up, what your deck is capable of and same for opponent help a lot.

      So for the poeple complaining this mode is just luck play more FRA :thumbup:
      Beside is not meant to be competitiv and 100 plat is really low entry fee
    • I was skeptical of this on announcement, but have found it a lot of fun. The games have been mostly short in my 18 games, but I feel like that is more down to the power level of most of the decks (with passive and starting bonus) allowing for early blowouts rather than mismatch in champion / deck power, and some of those powers are very different with a player at the helm. Timestep magistrate has been my favorite to play so far. And as for rowdy piper, I beat him down with a swarm of shin'hare with Uzume at the helm, and enjoyed it too.

      Only thing I'd do is lower price of entry (and therefore prizes). Its not a competitive format, but a casual one, and it is very fast, fun but fast, and over quickly.

      Edit: I've actually had less feel bad one-sided games playing this than Corinth. At least if someone drops a turn 1 waxshot I can more often than not do something about it in this format, even if it is only chump and delay until I get a real answer, Locksmith can put a tomeseeker down, but at least it is not a turn 2 5/5 that gets bigger on a who knows hoe long empty board, etc.

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    • It is a lot of fun to play the elite bosses because they can do awesome stuff but I have to agree that it might be even better to limit the champions to non-elites because most of my games were too short imo.

      I went 10-3 and here are some highlights and lowlights:

      - My Chaostouched Champion randomly stole Gore Feast from Avalanche Giant's crypt and OTKed my opponent with unblockable troops (turn 4)
      - My Reaper Bot just slaughtered a troop-based deck with the champ power even though my opponent did everything to play around the champ power. Completely unbalanced
      - I got a mirror match as Burly Botanist and can tell that mirror matches can be completely stupid. My opponent coonceded on turn 3 because I played the constant that gives me health for each dreadling that dies and followed up with a 16/16 from that 3-cost assault action
      - My Archon of Nulzann almost lost to the Booby Trap guy because I misplayed but I managed to win the game still because I drew a ton of socketed troop buffs and won the face race with Animus one turn before I got burned to the ground
      - I lost to 2 Skyhunters back to back in the 2nd run with no chance of winning because the passive completely shut down my strength (Sly Huntress and Bruiseberry). I literally had no troops with more than 1 attack on the board in both entire games. Super annoying match-ups
      - A very cool match was my Voice vs. the chaostouched guy because it was pretty close and my opponent was about to stabilize and win but I managed to trigger Sanatorium twice with Cockatwice for lethal and top-decked Filter Fish when it was perfect
      - My Locksmith made an opponent with a strong opening concede on turn 4 because I had Chaos Key in my opening hand and transforming on turn 2 is basically an auto-win against most match-ups. An unblockable 8/8 on turn 2 that gets bigger with every draw is pretty balanced, lol
      - My Darkspire vs. Sphinx almost lost because of Herofall. I literally had no more Darkspire troops in my deck. Then, my champ power gave my 3 remaining darkspire troops 3 attack and this won me the game right before I went out of options to win. Close struggle
      - My third loss was a great game, too. I played Transmuter vs. the Armor 2 twilight champion and he managed to stabilize and topdeck out of lethal right before I had it by using the quick action that gives my troops -1/-1 and summons Phantoms on the opponent's board for every one that dies. The Phantoms gave him exact lethal on the following turn. Transmuter is a lot of fun to play, though
      - I won one game because I managed to stabilize with Twilight Justice but would have easily lost it because my opponent put a lot of pressure on me. The entire Verdict deck depends a lot on whether you draw that card or not and is quite weak if you don't. Still quite a nice game

      Overall, the matches ended often before turn 6 and that felt pretty bad, even though I won all of them. Strategy often wasn't important and if it was, the winner was almost always the more aggressive player (the last two games I mentioned were the only real exceptions to this).