Why did I decide to no more spend money on Hex (jumping the shark thread)

  • What's that old saying?
    "Desperate times, call for desperate measures"

    We are all so focused on the WIIFM.
    What's In It For Me
    That we can not make sense of the crazy actions being done to help preserve the sandbox we sit in.

    From a veteran standpoint for those that invested in HEX as a TCG, with trade in mind, I do not believe anyone would fault us for no longer purchasing plat with our credit cards. There are far more reasons as to why we wouldn't than the simple events that transpired with the release of these decks.
  • Imo Cory was prity f***-ed even before siege SUCKs was intruced.
    Half the played had left and other half eigther stoped spening real money on HEX or cut there spedings a lot.
    Set 9 was worst set income wise for HEX ever.

    Who will pay 1$ for 100 platinum when set 9 boosters can be bougth fro 75 Cents and sold for 160 platinum?
    Who will pay 200 platinum for a set 9 booster? Plæayers sell them for just 160 plat
    Players have mills of unused platinum so really no need for players to buy anything fron Cory anytime soon.
    HEX have around 20 staffs - how to pay them is Cory sell next to nothing?

    I am guessing Cory got desperat and released this siege SUCKs that cant be traded and the 3 new T1 decks...

    A few years ago a former staff member at HEX complaining that they got ZERO information about how HEX was doing !!!!

    Just a suggestion - try to work with the players HEX still have! No need to try to fight your own players!!!
  • NeroJinous wrote:

    I'm still curious what you think they are worth even if you aren't confident your number is accurate. Also yes my attack was intended to make you feel bad, and yes I'm a terrible person. Now tell me what you think the cards are worth. I don't care how confident you are in the number.
    Seriously man, he just keeps telling you that this isn't a question that someone can reasonably answer, and you just keep asking it over and over.

    It's worth what people are willing to pay for it. These cards are all digital bits, they have NO value other than what other people are willing to pay for them.

    What does it matter if he thinks it's worth 100, 500, or 1700 plat? Do you just want him to give a number so that you can claim he is morally bankrupt because his store offers to sell the card for more than whatever number he gives?