The new prebuild decks are ridiculous, half of my collection is worthless now

    • Agree with bootlace, Cory needs to get on a podcast and start talking. He needs to talk about his vision for the future of hex and what they are working on. Radio silence will make more people leave the game.

      They also need to change siege pronto or explain to people that the siege rewards are not going away anytime soon. The mode really is bad and pve rewards should never have been part of it.
    • AnomalyCobra wrote:

      i would just like to point out that the more changes that happen to this game, the less populated the game becomes and the people such as ossuary, metro, and myself who have been here since the beginning, continuously get berated by the new people who think these changes are actually good for the game. We've been here and are at our end of the rope here. We have defended hex for years and finally have no more defense left for their continued decline. Are we leaving? Not yet (speaking for myself) but it's or end coming??? It is very likely an option in the future if things don't turn around.

      The people nowadays Who defend hex feel like they are completely oblivious or way too optimistic.
      I am a veteran player who has been here since the kickstarter. I like these decks a lot and I am sure it is the best thing they have done so far in the game. I have liked a lot that they have been doing lately actually. I like the changes to the clash/bash, the changes to how the ladder works, and cosmic coins. I liked set 7 and 8 draft and evo formats and I like set 9 draft and evo as well.

      The only thing I am not happy with that they have done so far is siege. I think it is an excellent idea but it still needs to be better balanced and new sieges need better incentives for attackers. I also wish they would get in some sort of multiplayer as that is what will make me want to push to get my friends to join the game.

      You shouldn't assume to speak for a general group of people. stick to speaking for yourself as your opinions are just that: opinions :)
    • AnomalyCobra wrote:

      @Sukebe the general consensus of complaints have come from veteran players i never stated ALL veteran players, Jesus dude like picking an argument while grasping at straws
      you are not exactly putting much effort into your posts either...

      You implied it was veteran players that were unhappy with these decks and that it was new players that liked them. I pointed out that was not entirely true, that is all :)
    • To the OP, no offence but,
      please do not exaggerate when posting, unless your collection has only fifty cards in it.
      And to everyone else complaining about value...
      What is it that you want?
      Bigger and fuller collections or more expensive collections?
      I know the ideal is both...
      And yes, they did promise collections to retain their value, so many people lost value in a few cards.
      BUT, the truth is that the game had become
      quite expensive, preventing a serious amount of people joining or investing.
      And difficult times need difficult decisions.
      The way I see it, this move was made to promote growth both in playerbase and collections.
      Because with the same money you get more stuff, so collections can grow more easily, thus, engaging more the players. I hope they will continue this way because I think that our small playerbase will be, in a short period, not enough to sustain the game, a day that I do not wish to see.
      And the only way to prevent this is by growing, something that besides thoughts and suggestions, I can't know how it could be done properly, cause I am not a business manager.
      HXE is the only one who has the whole picture.
      Here, in the forums, we are, as I said in another thread, only a small minority of the playerbase(about 5%) and we circulate the same concerns, opinions, doomsday theories, speculations, complains over and over without knowing the whole truth, something that HXE has to share someday soon.
      I know, communication issues are also in the way, God knows when they will improve, but that is another story...
      And sorry about the novel :)
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    • Something that surprisingly didnt really got addressed in 15 pages is that there were many alternatives to this. If your goal was to bring down the price for getting started with constructed there were many things you could have done that would not have had all those drawbacks of what was actually done now.

      People are happy that the price for getting into constructed got lowered. Thats fine. Gues what...I also think that thats a good thing. But that doesnt mean that what they did and how they did it is not problematic. It is..

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    • I said it. I talked about not taking shortcuts. ;)

      All they apparently care about is the immediate end results, and they take the absolute shortest path to try to get there, with no regard to what other damage that causes in the long term. It's been a major problem over the last several months, and it's most likely where all these very poorly implemented should-be-free-but-instead-we're-charging formats came from, too. They want prices to be lower, and they need to bring in more money, but they're not actually doing any of the necessary work (fixing the UI, fixing the AH, improving the new user experience and onboarding, actually marketing the product) to make that happen naturally and in a way that will permanently benefit the game. Instead, they're trying to forcibly and heavy-handedly brute force their way to where they want to be, and it's causing a great deal of resentment among their loyal (and often now previously loyal) fans. It's not a sustainable way to run the business, but they clearly don't seem to understand that.

      Things are only going to continue to get worse if they don't take a step back and reassess what they're doing, and what they're trying to do.

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    • What makes you so sure they're not doing anything on your wantlist?

      Fixing the UI. Not entirely sure what you mean by this: but they've build a new Deckbuilder for PS4 that is supposed to be ported into the desktop client.

      Improving new user experience: dev and programmer streams have already shown a newly programmed 'clippy' feature. They are definitely working on that.

      Fixing the AH. I don't think they've said much or anything on that subject but i'm sure they've read that it is seen as a priority by the community. (Personally I think a rehaul isn't a priority as the AH does actually work, but the maximum length of the auctions should be increased for both convenience and to drop the prices. i would not be surprised to see that happening soon.)

      As for marketing; I would surely like to know what happened to the marketing that Sony was going to do. It seems like something went wrong there. Either Sony didn't commit or HEX just assumed Sony would market the game but there was no actual agreement. Aside from that; marketing is very expensive. I understand that even though it's pretty important it may just not be feasible for HEX.

      Aside from all of that; the world isn't black and white. Just because they've been releasing features that you don't like or that have been implemented in a way that you don't like doesn't mean they are not also working on other features.

      If we look at the past year, they've put out lots of new stuff, small and big. Made important changes and tested the waters with other things and made adjustments as a result. If anything; they are definitely still working on the game. There is no reason to assume they are not working on stuff that hasn't seen the light of day yet unless they've clearly said they weren't or weren't at this point in time.
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    • Transience wrote:

      Fixing the AH. I don't think they've said much or anything on that subject but i'm sure they've read that it is seen as a priority by the community.
      I'm not sure about the other points, but at this point saying that they surely know it's a priority of the community and they working on it is BS. We were asking for an AH improvement LITERALLY for years by now. They didn't even fixed those few filters that already implemented.

      On the other hand, I've seen a minor glimpse of the PS4 deckbuilder, and it seems fine. It's something like in Magic Duels.

      I would also like to know, what happened with the Sony marketing deal.
    • cainhu wrote:

      Transience wrote:

      Fixing the AH. I don't think they've said much or anything on that subject but i'm sure they've read that it is seen as a priority by the community.
      I'm not sure about the other points, but at this point saying that they surely know it's a priority of the community and they working on it is BS.
      I didn't say they were working on it. I did say they must have read that the community sees it as a priority and I'm pretty fucking sure that they do, exactly because it has been brought up on the forum frequently for a long time.
      "Ignorant beliefs are stains upon the mind."