Major Sapphire of Vanishing active in crypt?

    • Major Sapphire of Vanishing active in crypt?

      Today i got a scary scenario in the vault.
      My oppenent played a Dark Heart with the pseduo-spellshield gem "Major Sapphire of Vanishing"
      For one Mana and discarding one card he can put it back into his hand.
      He played it turn 6, so one mana was left open for him

      On my turn i had to sacrifice my only troop: Rotting Chumpknight.
      Thanks to his deathcry i tried to kill the Dark Heart.
      In Response he activated his sokcet.
      In response to that i played herofall on the dark heart.
      Noone responsed and the triggers resolved.
      the dark heart died, the others from the library got voided.

      But than the Dark heart from the crypt came back into his hand when the socket trigger resovled oO
      Is the socket really active in the crypt?

      Thats very unfair, because how to remove that card than ?

      plz fix this fast or change the text on the socket!

      Dinglers are the best race on Entrath!
    • Abilities of troops cannot be activated in the crypt unless they specifically say so (like the PVE card Charred Zombie). However, as per your description, your opponent activated the ability while in play, so there is no problem.

      Where there seems to be confusion is that the ability seems to work from the graveyard, however, the text of the Major Sapphire just says to return to your hand. It doesn't matter where the Dark Heart actually is when the ability resolves. So as long as the ability is activated while in play, the Dark Heart will return to hand even though you killed it.