Reflecting Upon a Format - Rabid Verdicts Format(Rock)

    • Reflecting Upon a Format - Rabid Verdicts Format(Rock)

      Format: Rabid Verdicts Format(Rock)

      Previous Format: Verdicts, Candles and Deathcries Format

      • Begin: 16 Mar 2018 (Doombringer Set is released)
      • End: 26 Apr 2018 (changes to various champions but more importantly the attack increase of Rabid Rides charge powers gets decrease to 2 intead of 3)
      Tier List:…NfGSHE/edit#gid=146189766

      Main characteristics of the format:

      - B/D Verdict Deck and the new Surging Wildfire based deck using the new Doombringer champion The Rabid Rider are the tier 1 decks.

      - The R/W The Rabid Rider's deck main play consisted of playing Surging Wildfire, preferably boosted with Fuelmaster, and then applying its charge power to it, either for 12 points of damage, or 6 points of damage + forcing a 2 for 1 trade. The deck also played various early threats to push damage early like Boltspasm, Acolyte of Flame and the new Joltjabber which was especially good against the other tier 1 deck verdict, along with sometimes Howling Rebel to serve both as threats and ramp to access wildfire one turn earlier. It also played early removal in the form of Return to Cinder and Cremate. If one wished for bigger threats playing Iremaw and the new Flare Sprite were also options.

      - Most in-archetype card of the Verdict deck are C/UC only losing Twilight Justice and Zeddek's Judgment.Its main objective was to trigger its namesake mechanic(Verdict) multiple times repetitively to disrupt the opponent and slowly amass card advantage by using its champion's power, powerful constants like Gloaming Edict and actions like Runic Justice. Combining those with troops which benefited from verdict such as Sunrise Specter it could also quickly turn deadly for the opponent. One could also use cards Twilight Eclipse to take advantage of the constants the deck ran and were generated by your verdicts and other spirit troops such as Orchi-Kero and the new Blightbark Courier and Violet's Handmaiden which also helped access the new minor gems that required controlling prismatic troops.

      - With the advent of Doombringer Candles fell to the tier 2 status where they stayed with the deathcry decks and the R/S discard based decks.

      - The Candles win condition was to build a board of Candlekin and buff them with illuminate, which is a mechanic that either or buff their candlekin. This was done through a variety of troops and actions such as Wax Dawn, kindlekit, Acolyte of Flame. It had also access to a plethora of removal both in archetype such as Flamelick or powerful generic removal like Wrath of Elements, Winter's Grasp and Return to Cinder to name a few. Lastly, they could turn all their candlekin in giant evasive threat with their constant Wings of Wax.

      - The deathcry decks used various deathcry troops like Naive Lackey and Blightbush to them be used to buff the board with Bristlebarb Hag. The deck also used generic blood removal like Strangle and Casualty of War. Iremaw was also a popular choice for removal considering the 2 tier 1 decks. Lastly for the late game, one could run either Rotting Chompknight to deal with the Verdicts constants and Wings of wax or Cottontail Warcaller for even more card advantage. Lastly Herald of Roses and Herald of Thorns were commonly used to further buff their boards.

      - In the bottoms of tier 2, the R/S discard decks using Madeline the Flayer took new cards from Doombringer that benefited from discards like Painstoke Sister and Conjured Candleghast along with its champion power and combined with powerful discard cards like Whip Crack, Briny Ray and Trueheart Skirmisher. The deck could also run Return to Cinder for extra removal, Unhenge as it had quite a few elementals and Feral Formulation for extra draw and discard.
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