Siege AI play pattern issue

    • Siege AI play pattern issue

      Good afternoon,

      Recently, AI has started to use a specific play pattern regardless of AI settings that makes a lot of defense deck way worse than they were before.

      The play pattern is that the AI will nearly always value playing cards BEFORE it plays any shards on their turn. As an example, lets say we are on turn 3, and the AI has a 2 drop, a shard and a 3 drop in hand. The AI will nearly always choose to play the 2 drop, then the shard instead of playing shard then 3 drop.

      It seems consistent over all AI personalities and I got reports from multiple players observing the pattern.

      If memory serves well, it wasn't behaving like that earlier this year.
      [Blocked Image:]
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    • The AI probably does that because of all the complaints before about when it misplayed momentum troops/some other troops that cared about resources played (like the mono-colored queen cycle).

      It is a big problem though. The AI now plays behind on curve almost all the time which hurts many Siege decks.

      Kind of unrelated, but I really hope they look into the AI more and more. If siege is going to become a serious/competitive mode with these siege sacks, the AI needs to be a top priority.