Reflecting Upon a Format - Momentum and Candles Format(Standard)

    • Reflecting Upon a Format - Momentum and Candles Format(Standard)

      Format: Momentum and Candles Format(Standard)

      Previous Format: Mono Blood vs Momentum

      • Begin: 16 Mar 2018 (Doombringer Set is released)
      • End: 26 Apr 2018 (Changes to various champions , but more importantly increased charge cost to Lady Avalanche and Blackberry Knight along a health reduction to Blackberry Knight)
      Tier List:…OVkGY/edit#gid=1622597523

      Main characteristics of the format:

      - With the addition of Brilliant Annihilix Mono Shards fall out of favor(affecting specially Mono Blood Control) and giving advantage to all decks in Diamond. Also, new rare dueal shards Resources the Remanants were added giving added consistency for decks that shared its shards as only 5 were released. B/W

      - D/W Lady Avalanche Momentum rose as the top tier deck with the fall of Mono Blood Control. It was a ramp deck using card like Palm of Granite, Exalted Pathfinder which could use its effect on the same turn it dropped due to Lady Avalanche Charge Power due to it costing 4 charges matching Pathfinder's cost. Also, using its ramp to take full advantage of momentum, generating extra resources with cards like Leprechaun Artist and Shamrock, The Goldfather, also using to latter to generate even further advantage and using Eldurathan's Glory and Eternal Seeker as top end finishers. Also it now could add own Brilliant Annihilix and had its own Remnant.

      - The next tier 1 deck was Candles. Its win condition to build a board of Candlekin and buff them with illuminate, which is a mechanic that either or buff their candlekin. This was done through a variety of troops and actions such as Wax Dawn and Scion of Lyvaanth and also Acolyte of Flame and Choir of Lumos. It had also access to a plethora of removal both in archetype such as Flamelick or powerful generic removal like Wrath of Elements, Winter's Grasp and Return to Cinder to name a few. Lastly, they could turn all their candlekin in giant evasive threat with their constant Wings of Wax. The deck remained mostly unchaged to its Dead of Winter counterpart.

      - Tier 2 was populated by a combo and a control deck:

      - Sapphire-Wild Rowdy Turns using The Blackberry Knight. As the name suggests its main win condition involved taking extra turns using Eyes of the Heart and hen using its extra charges to spam Grapes of Wrath (especially as the charge power costed 3 instead of 4 at the time). To achieve this it relied on ramp in form of Tilling the Soil and Acolyte of Shoku also Rowdy Piper and Sugar Rush to replenish resources and combo further. To reach faster to its combo pieces it would use Dreamsmoke Diva, Treacherous Search and Consult the Talon, with latter cost also helping to trigger any rowdy effects due to their high cost. Furthermore to give the deck more survivability it had the control options of Runebind and Pippit Hustler. Sugarpuss could also be played as one off as a alternate win condition.

      -Mono Blood control with Bar'dak. Thanks to its charge it could quickly overwhelm decks on T6. Its early game was used to destroy its opponent's hand with Withering Gaze, Demented Whispersand Primordial Cockatwice, whispers was also an especially problematic card because it milled, one could win by resolving 4 demented whispers and milling your opponent out. The only troops the deck ran was Vampire Prince and Bride of the Damned, the first one helping in mantaining the health total for the charge and power and bride quickly shutting out any troop based strategy by T5, especially combined with the pletlora of excellent blood removal the deck ran like Herofall, Strangle and Massacre(even if your bride dies to your massacre you ended up getting your opponent's entire board).
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