Request for Support

    • Request for Support

      Posting here to raise awareness.

      Hi folks,

      I'd like to bring attention to HexPvPTools' maintenance costs.

      Fred provides us with a wealth of information which a number of PvP players use to refine their decks and approach to the ladders and tournaments.

      Currently, he has a monthly donation goal he is trying to reach to keep the site running - you can see it here.

      I think it's currently about 10 $5 subs away from hitting the goal. Or 60 $1 subs through the Patreon link.

      If all the people who sell packs for $ or regularly do well in tourneys could chip in with a $1 monthly donation, we should be able to smash the goal.

      I'm sure hex.tcgbrowser could use the support as well, so if you're inclined, pop in here and look for the little "Donate" button on the bottom left to show some love.