What is this SW deck I saw?

    • What is this SW deck I saw?

      About a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this SW immortal deck in an article that I think was Hex Primal deck drilldown article, but it's possible that isn't where I saw it. I wish I had bookmarked it because now I can't find it and was hoping someone knows what I'm talking about. I know the background of the article page was dark. The deck I saw is similar to SW Turns, except it had no Psychic Ascension. The win condition was making many copies of 1 or 2 key cards. I think Zodiac Divination was the win condition, or at least one of the 2 key cards. The entire deck focused on drawing and making copies of actions. It had no control cards. Lullaby was the only card to keep them alive, unless my memory is fuzzy and there was something more to help stay alive. I remember reading the author saying something like "You're probably looking at this and wondering what the win condition is." If I remember correctly the win condition was making your opponent draw themselves out, or maybe it was something else. I don't think the deck had any troops in it.

      EDIT: Nvm, I found the deck. The win condition is 1 card, Zodiac Divination and the deck has 1 copy of 1 troop, so not troopless. Here's a link to the deck drilldown article hextcg.com/deck-drilldown-mastering-time/

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    • Vroengard wrote:

      If it's neither hexprimal.com/immortal-technology-sw-turns/ nor hexprimal.com/immortal-technology-sapphire-wild-control/ , then it must have been some kind of fog deck that made use of the typical NOPE.jpg Sapphire cards + Lullaby alongside Syzygy. Sounds like something Jeff played at one point, you can search through his YT channel if you have the patience.
      I found it before I saw your post and edited the topic. I found it because I remembered Zodiac Divination was the win condition. But yeah I guess they're called fog decks as both the cards you point out in the 3rd option are both in it. I have a link to it in my edit. I'm thinking of playing some Immortal. This deck intrigues me, but not sure if it's viable right now or not since I have no experience in Immortal. I'd hate to waste money on it only to find out it is weak to current top Immortal decks going around.
    • This is Ali Eldrazi's old Mastery of Time deck from a couple of years ago. It was a standard deck at the time. You would basically use Scheme and Mastery of Time to take endless turns and then deck your opponent using Zodiac Divination. Variants of the deck still exist in Immortal, although they generally run Nineveh as the champion and include Eyes of the Heart and additional win conditions.