Card Design Contest - May 6 - May 13

    • Card Design Contest - May 6 - May 13

      The Rules:
      Design cards that meet the design constraints listed below. The entry I like best wins the competition, and there are runner-up prizes as well. Multiple entries are allowed, but please don't flood the contest, and multiple prizes can't be won by the same person.

      In addition to the listed prize, the first place winner gets to host the next contest, and they get to set their own design constraint and award prizes of their own choosing!

      Design Constraint:
      It took a while to come up with something to play around with, but in the end, I decided to settle on this one.

      The design constraint for this week is: Create pet-based cards.

      To clarify, a pet is a card that is summoned by another card, usually as part of a deploy effect. Examples include the Sly Huntress, Royal Den Mother and Shellsafe Sure Shot. Think big, I'd love to see some sort of coherent archetype coming together, like the way the Royal Den Mother grants all pets +1/+1!

      Judging Criteria:

      • Mechanical Appeal: How much fun do I think I could have with a card like this? Is it mechanically interesting?
      • Thematic Appeal: How 'cool' is the concept? Did you come up with a good name? Add some flavour text, for bonus points!
      • Creativity: Sure, while "This summons two pets" fits the theme, it's not exactly a magnum opus. Don't be afraid to go big!
      Try to stick as close to HEX' in-game terminology as you can! It tends to help convey your ideas very accurately!


      1st place: 1x Doombringer pack, 1x Dead of Winter pack, and first pick of the mercs.

      2nd place: 1x Doombringer pack, and second pick of the mercs.

      3rd place: Third pick of the mercs.

      The mercs I have on offer are: Shamrock, Damioar Lathe, Sugarpuss, Quarkix and Clatterclank

      Deadline is May 13th. I am on GMT, and I'll be on vacation by the time this contest ends, but I'll try and keep an eye on it and judge when I can! Good luck!
    • My submission is a cycle of Bonds that will make a literal pet-a-palooza. Each Bond triggers off of a human entering play and then make the human bond with their respective pet. So in the case of the [DIAMOND] and [SAPPHIRE] bonds, the pets will be able to boost and protect your human troop.

      Bond of the Courageous
      4 [RUBY]
      When you play a human, summon a Royal Falcon. That human becomes the master of the summoned pet and gets "This troop's pets have + [ATTACK] equal to this troop's [ATTACK] ."
      Bond of the Wise
      4 [SAPPHIRE]
      When you play a human, summon a Silver Talon Senator. That human becomes the master of the summoned pet.
      Bond of the Powerful
      4 [DIAMOND]
      When you play a human, summon a Turtle Pet. That human becomes the master of the summoned pet.

      However, Bond of the Courageous gets particularly interesting in a dedicated pet deck. The power boost is worded to affect all pets that player controls. Royal Den Mother with equipment would be particularly terrifying.
    • I really like competitions like this, so here is my submission. Maybe not the most complex design, but I hope you will like it.

      My design considerations were:

      - since we want to create an archetype, I wanted to stay in color (Red/Diamond/Sapphire)
      - it should not cost 4, as there are many cards already in the archetype at that cost
      - I wanted it to interact with current and future Pet cards

      Gnoll Mutt Trainer Equipment :

      Meat Cleaver - Your Pets have : Deathcry : Create a Pet Treat and put it into your hand.
      Training Whip - Gnoll Mutt Trainer has : Basic, tap: Target Beast you control gain Speed until end of turn

      it seems Photobucket sometimes don't show the image, so check the link :…_zpsmzpymcfg.png.html?o=1

      Rabid Mutt Pet:…_zpsurrmia3a.png.html?o=0

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    • Ok took me a while to do this ^^. 1st one is Pokemon based as we cant talk about pets whitout including them and additionally i spend a lot of time making sure that it follows the theme, balance and has logic in it. 2nd one is a funny one but follows the theme and third one is a nice decent support card for Pet themed deck.

      The 1st three cards are a single card entry but i didn't want for you guys to read a lot of text so insted I made visual represenation for them. There you go. I hope ya guys like them.
    • Sorry about the delay, guys! On vacation, and with all that happened on the forums, I lost track! The results are...

      3rd: @cainhu for the gnoll mutt trainer. Solid, basic design for a good common/uncommon level card!

      2nd: @AvalonRoxy for Gonna Hex Them All. Though the thematic aspect of the cards is a bit too blunt, the gameplay does offer strong support for pet-based play.

      1st: @Arcanyx for the bonds. Strong gameplay aspect for human pet trainers. The stacking aspect of bond of the courageous allows it to escalate, too!

      Let me know which Mercs you want and I'll send them in as soon as I get access to a connection of more than 100 KB/s!