Numerous Bugs and Updates for PS4 Users

    • Numerous Bugs and Updates for PS4 Users

      When "Hex, Card Clash" first came out last year, cards had audible sounds when played. After a couple of updates, possibly into the new year (2018), they have disappeared. Can this be an easy fix?

      Also, where are we at with the Invites for friends, and Mail system? Many streamers do giveaways, and such but PS4 players can't participate in these activities, because we still do not have mail. We have gone through at least 2 new expansions without the ability to pre-purchase cards, or be able to use the same purchase avenues that PC players have. Please, will this be addressed anytime soon?

      Side note: How does Immortal games that we win effect us? I've won games, but never have seen a total of how many tickets I have. Where is this accessed or is it even working for us?
      Thanks for reading this.

      System: PS4