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      Whats up guys, this is my first post on the hex forums but I've been playing for about a year. I'm a web programmer by night and I've been looking for a hobby project to do that's related to this fantastic game, Hex : D

      As a hearthstone player (I know, I know), I really like the look and feel of the website hearthpwn.com. I've been using hex.tcgplayer.com over the past year, but the website doesn't allow people to comment on a deck, or make comments/descriptions on their own decks. And it's a little difficult to rate decks, ask questions, and it's very javascript heavy. I want to make something that tackles some of these issues without reinventing the wheel, but before I spend any time on this, I want to reach out and see what you guys think. What kind of features would be helpful? If there was a perfect website out there that kept track of decks and statistics, what kind of features would it have? What would it look like?

      Thanks everyone :thumbup:
    • Welcome to Hex!

      What I would really like to have - if this is possible : An offline way to look at cards/equip and create decks on Android/iOS. Afterwards you could upload the created decks online and unlock them for discussion.

      This one: play.google.com/store/apps/det…extcgdeckbuilder&hl=en_GB only includes Set 1 and 2 and was afterwards abandoned.

    • I'm familiar with hearthpwn, and that's my go-to site when making decks for Hearthstone. The thing that makes that site great is:

      1.) The ability to see the top decks and the discussion that comes with it (like you mentioned)
      2.) The ability to see which cards in that deck I have/don't have in my collection

      I think this is a great idea, but my only concern is that a lot of this stuff is kinda already found in the fan sites, albeit across two websites: Hexpvptools and hex.tcgbrowser. And I do believe you can sync your collection up to hexpvptools to see which cards in a deck you need, however when i tried adding that change into my .ini file, the Hex client basically crashed on me and i never tried again.

      Hex.tcgbrowser DOES have a comments section on decks, however I think it's under-utilized. People make decks and share them, but the majority of people probably use HTCGB for it's card collection and trading features (at least i know I do).

      And HexPVP tools showcases the top decks, but it is segmented across a lot of different formats and methods of getting those decks (ladder, tourneys, etc).

      Perhaps some hybrid of those two sites is the best? Or just straight up taking what makes Hearthpwn good and make it your own? Or maybe work with one of the other dudes to help incorporate some of what you want to see onto their site (if you're/they're willing to, of course).

      Good luck with whatever road you end up going down.
    • Thanks for the responses so far!

      Larg - I looked at the app you mentioned. It's actually open source! I think one thing about their app is that a lot of the system generally could use an update, particularly on how decks are saved and shared. I really like the app "decked builder" and I think building almost a port of decked builder for hex would be a good project. It would however be a ton of work and I can only commit to this as a hobby still. It's on my list of considerations for sure.

      Vroengard - I hear what you're saying. It was news to me that they had comments. I poked around just now and I couldn't find it. I guess I can say at least maybe their interface could use some work.

      Pvj - You hit on the head what I am really after. Something like a hex-ed variant of hearthpwn.com. Right now I'm leaning towards - something that does the things that other sites are doing, but maybe in a more narrow direction. Doing "one thing very well" rather than not so good at a lot of things. I'm thinking of focusing on "deck discussion" as a core alongside deck building/sharing. Allowing guests to post comments as well. Making something that emphasizes interaction. Although, I'm still thinking about some good ways of doing that. :S
    • my two cents: focus on ios / Android.
      They promied us the tablet version, some expected it to surface 2017. So once this hits there will be a massive demand for a mobile friendly site or even an App that lets you browse your own cards and see the top performing / meta definig decks.