• HI

      Ive been trying to get past the shinhare abductor for a while now with my lv10 Elf warrior mono ruby Orc deck
      (somewhat similar to Seriousbusinessgames orc deck leveling guide on youtube), but keeps kicking my ass.
      Ive done this fight before on an Orc warrior class I think and won but I keep failing over and over again.
      Ive edited the deck which includes Gravebane Vial and Purging Flames but to no avail.

      He ramps up pretty fast and walks over me like I'm nothing now.
      Also tried mill decks but seems too slow or Im just unlucky and he keeps getting perfect hands.
      Did this encounter get a boost or something? Or should I just lvl the class up more and come back ltr?
      Any tips?
    • I believe the easiest way to beat this enemy in ruby is with Purging Flames with it's equipment, which can be farmed from the ... Tomb of the Roseknights?

      Elves have access to ramp and more legendaries than the other races. getting Glimmerfly Dance and Chlorophyllia as a 1 cost with their equipment for a turn 2 Juurdin can defeat this encounter, too.

      in ruby i would add Apprentice Trio with their equipments.
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    • For what its worth, as someone who has been playing since Alpha, I feel like this encounter is severely overtuned. You only face it as Ardent races, and the equivalent encounter for Underworld is MUCH easier. I find this encounter to be equal to if not harder than many of the first in the Gallows "challenge" section. Having him start at 5 resources, have nothing but gas in his deck, ways to instantly blow you out with cards like Emperor Ito's will, a mechanic that makes him immune to aggro, etc. So don't feel bad for struggling with him.