My suggestion to fix the Constructed Battlegrounds

    • My suggestion to fix the Constructed Battlegrounds

      I’ve been playing a bit of Immortal lately to get the tickets to be able to play the Immortal Championship tomorrow, and I noticed just how great Immortal is as a format. Too bad I was almost exclusively matched up against players that seems newer to the game playing untuned decks.

      The problem seems to be that there isn’t any incentive to play in the immortal queue when you have your 10 tickets, and you can get them by playing in the weekly tournaments. So I got to thinking about how to restructure the constructed on-demand part of the battlegrounds.

      This is how I would change the Constructed On Demand queues:
      • Ranked Standard Queue (same as today)
      • Ranked Immortal Queue (replaces the unranked immortal queue)
      • Ranked Rock Queue (new queue)
      • Remove the unranked Standard Constructed queue.
      • All Ranked Constructed queues feeds into the constructed ladder rewards and cosmic rankings.
      Three constructed queues; Standard, Rock and Immortal. All queues are ranked and give ladder rewards. No need to change the constructed rewards, or amount of rewards, all three queues would feed into the constructed part of the ladder just like EVO, Draft and Sealed Gauntlet shares the limited ladder rewards.

      All three queues would also be part of the constructed ranking, so you should be able to qualify for the CCS by just playing rock. No need to change the CCS format, you still need a Standard deck to play. I would like to see the draft be day one instead of top 8 for coverage reasons, but that’s a discussion for another thread.

      This would give players an incentive to play more constructed and gives Rock and Immortal players something to play for outside of tournaments.

      I would also like to see another tab in the battlegrounds; Dueling Arena or something similar:
      • The ability to create a custom unranked match (public or private)
      • Choose format of match
      • Choose best of 1 or 3.
      • Invite player to join your custom match
      • List current open matches.
      The Dueling Arena would be a place to create custom matches. This would also replace the unranked queues that I proposed to be removed. This view would have a list of matches waiting for players to join (Similar to the Siege attack view) where you can see the format. There would also be a button to create a custom game. When a player joins a custom game, a match starts just like when two players are paired normally.

      When you create a game you get to choose the format. Standard, Immortal, Rock, Singleton and more formats like the upcomming Iconoclash, Wild West, Factioned, Immortal Rock, Immortal Singleton, Janklander and more.

      One thing this would do that can’t be done in the game right now is that it would give the ability to PS4-players to challenge players. It would also give players the ability to customize their constructed experience.

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