Card Design Contest 4/16 thru 4/23

    • Card Design Contest 4/16 thru 4/23

      Looking for a good time...

      The Rules:
      Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your fellow players and don't go too overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most.

      In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the game continues.

      Design Constraint:
      Design a card that is based on a pun. The pun can be part of the name, something in the rules text, or even in well written flavor text.

      Examples and Suggestions:
      • [card]Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann AA[/card]
      • [card]Sir Pies[/card] A knight who has Quick. Of course, it's a surprise.
      • [card]Buffalo Wings[/card]
      • All the "fish hands" cards, especially considering their flavor text ([card]Fish Hands[/card], [card]Guppy Gloves[/card], [card]Runic Rays[/card], [card]Mackerel Mitts[/card], [card]Cuttleclaws[/card])

      Judging Criteria:
      Here's what I focus on in judging, in order of priority
      • Creative Pun: If the pun makes me giggle / groan, you'll get full marks.
      • Mechanically Creative, yet realistic: Show me something new that hasn't been done before, but make sure it still fits within the realm of HEX gameplay. Feel free to invent keywords and even use non-Entrathian flavor, but keep your designs mechanically grounded to work within the game rules.
      • Elegance: Keep your designs to as little rules text as possible. I tend to start mentally nitpicking overly verbose cards and wondering why sometimes disparate abilities are grafted together on a card.

      In order of placement, each person will choose their reward.

      The Trickster Pack
      4 x Swiftpaw Trickster AA
      2 x Indigo Trickster

      The You-Substitution Pack
      1 x Dingler King
      1 x Ho'ten To'ta,
      1 x Sir Thorngage

      The Root of all Evil Pack
      4 x Root of Ancients
      4 x Ayotochi Coins
      4 x Monsagi Coins
      4 x Necropolis Coins
      4 x Scrios Coins
      4 x Wakuna Coins
      50,000 gold

      The contest will end on Monday, April 23rd at 12pm PST. I will then judge the cards that afternoon/evening. I'll send a PM to each of the winners asking for their rank in the prizes.
    • All Is Hare in Love and War
      [BLOOD] [WILD]
      Quick Action

      Transform all attacking Troops into random Shin'Hare. Ready them. They neither deal nor receive combat damage this turn.


      You can use it either to disrupt your opponent's strategy and prevent lethal damage or to buff your own troops for the following turn.
      Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
      • Commisioner Pravin Lal - Alpha Centauri

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    • Combining the traditions of me making Berry cards and Hex making Berry puns. I have decided to make a (suprise) Berry Card.

      The Berry Caravan
      [RUBY] [WILD] 3

      Troop - Berry
      3 [ATTACK] /3 [DEFENSE]

      Rowdy: This gets „This deals double Damage“

      „Hey Balth, come join us and jam to this beat.“

      Lore: With the Merry Caravan getting ever Rowdier, there are some parts of it that even joined into ruby revelry. These are some Berries from those.
    • Tarts of Fate
      Up to three target troops get +1/+1
      Create three random Zodiac blessings and put them into the top 20 cards of your deck.

      "Though the standard fare poppycakes the Merry Caravan has to offer are already a phenomenal treat, Madame Zeota's have just that little bit of extra cosmic kick in them!"
    • Hammeridin Champion

      2 mana, one diamond
      Ardent, Troop, Ork
      When a troop enters play under your control, it becomes ardent.

      "We'z right, cuz I just said so! You agree, don't you? DON'T YOU!?" ~Fort'Abort, Grandmaster of the Holy Mountain Order of the Holy Hand Hammers of the Holy Alliance That Is Always Right No Questions Asked Did I Make Myself Clear.
    • Name: <insert user whom collection this comes from name here>'s Little Pony Named <insert name that user whom collection this comes from chooses here>
      Cost: 5
      Threshold Requirement:
      Type: Troop - <insert user whom collection this comes from name here>'s Earthling Pet
      Faction: Offset
      Rarity: Legendary
      Ability: If <insert user whom collection this comes from name here> controls this troop when destroyed than all opposing deck users are destroyed instead.
      10 /10
      Favor Text: Well my little pony is full size at 46 inches tall. - <insert user whom collection this comes from name here>
    • invinible wrote:

      Favor Text:...
      Favor Text

      Whenever you play a card summon each card mentioned in that card's Flavor Text. If it is an action or resource put it into your hand.

      Flavor Text: If only Murdertron said Kill instead of Murder.
      Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
      • Commisioner Pravin Lal - Alpha Centauri
    • Shin'Hare Barber
      5 [BLOOD] [BLOOD]
      Troop- Shin'Hare Executioner
      4 [ATTACK] /3 [DEFENSE]
      Deploy- Choose one: Destroy up to 2 target troops who cost 2 or less or destroy target shin'hare troop.
      This troop gains +1 [ATTACK] for each shin'hare it has killed.
      This troop gains +1 [DEFENSE] for each non-shin'hare troop it has killed.

      "His shear experience makes him capable of ending any bad hare day."
    • Third place is awarded to @Karot. The ability is interesting, but not particularly flashy. But really, I just liked the flavor text and was imagining the Orc saying it's name as if it was a Monty Python skit.

      Second place goes to @HaughtyHeretic. The deploy effect is odd, since the two sets are not exclusionary (i.e. you could kill 2 shin'hare if they both cost 2 or less) but the stat boost is discretely either shin'hare or non-shin'hare. It creates a discordant mismatch for the player. In addition, if this card were to be implemented, 'killed' would need to be formalized / keyworded. For example, would lethal combat damage count for the Barber killing it? Of course, these are just my idle musings on rules formalism. I liked the overall flavor of the card and the suggested mechanics meshed well with the pun.

      Grand prize goes to @SlayerStronghold. It could probably never actually be realized in HEX since flavor text should never have any rules bearing, but the card made me laugh and has a very unique effect.

      I will send a PM to the winners to get their choice of prizes, but SlayerStronghold has been chosen for the sacred duty of creating the next contest.