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      Hey everyone, just thought I'd throw a post out here in case anyone was interested. I'm Kurabasa, 30 years old and currently living in South Carolina in the US, and I'm trying to get started with streaming Hex for the community to hopefully get a bit more attention thrown on this awesome game and try to make some better connections in the community itself. I've been playing Hex since alpha and have played a number of other TCGs in the past including Magic, Pokemon, and YuGiOh, so I'm no stranger to competitive TCGs even if I'm not a top-tier player. Currently, I've been streaming weekday evenings, usually around 6 to 9 EST or so while I try to figure out a proper schedule along with what I want to focus on with my channel. If anyone has suggestions for something they'd like to see more of on streams, let me know; I'd love to get some more ideas.
    • All Hex streamers get some community support. It's not like we have that many that we can't spread our love and time to all of them.

      Would help to mention you're new to Hex or a veteran, to have an idea of whether you'd need backseat help playing. Also are you a Constructed, Limited or PvE player? Just curious.
    • I've been playing since alpha, so time-wise I'd consider myself veteran but skills-wise I'd consider myself average at best. I understand the fundamentals of deckbuilding, play, counterplay, etc. but seem to have trouble breaking through whatever sort of "wall" that would keep me from being a top-tier contender. I play all three modes, with Limited being my favorite and PvE and Constructed roughly equal, but limited funds keeps me from playing Limited as much as I'd like on the regular; Doombringer Limited admittedly hasn't been as attractive to me as Frostheart and DoW Limited, which I adored. Backseat help playing wouldn't be discouraged either, regardless of whether I think I need it or not, because there's always room to improve and seeing other peoples' take on a situation could help with that improvement.
    • Just as an update, I'm up to 15 followers so far as I work towards an Affiliate invite. I'm currently setting my schedule at weekdays except Wednesday starting at 6:30 PM EST if anyone wants to tune in. So far, I've been doing mostly FRA and Evo, though I might do some drafting soon.