Removal in response to bounce effects

    • Removal in response to bounce effects

      I was playing a FRA encounter versus Avalanche Giant champion, where I had a VB213 in play, and activated it's ability to return it to hand. The AI responded with a Boulder Toss to remove in, yet the VB213 still returned to my hand (after momentarily entering the crypt from the Boulder Toss resolution). I had then replayed the VB213, and once again activated it's return to hand activated ability, to which the AI responded with a Burn, and once again the VB213 returned to hand after a brief excursion to the crypt.

      I do not know if this is occurring with other cards that return to hand, but I doubt this is intended behaviour to allow a card to enter the hand where it should normally remain in the crypt under such circumstances.
    • Thanks for clarifying, I wasn't aware this was the intended interaction in Hex. So I am assuming that socketed troop with the Major Sapphire of Vanishing (1:sapphire- discard a card, put this into your hand) will still resolve with the troop returning to hand, even after a removal effect is played in response?