Vennen Ranger Race-Class Combo Talent Not Working

    • Vennen Ranger Race-Class Combo Talent Not Working

      The Vennen ranger race-class combo talent, "Well-Fed Pet" no longer works. It does not confer +1/+1 to your pet if you've won the last dungeon encounter.
      It was working correctly yesterday, so I assume the rolling hot-fix to the Major Battalion gem caused this bug.

      I've only tested this in Great Machine Graveyard, but it has happened in every applicable encounter in both runs through the dungeon.
      I can also provide an output log if necessary.
    • On a somewhat related note, the Necrotic mercenary Xarhrax loses her passive ability to reduce the cost of actions and buff troop once you have prismatic, but oddly only some of the time. I've been trying to figure out what was causes some battles to work properly but others to fail.

      Maybe it is part of a larger problem of some passive abilities in the campaign not working.