AI / Verdict Bug

    • AI / Verdict Bug

      I dont know if anyone else has has been experiencing issues with this bug ive been getting bugs where periodically against the AI on the ps4 I would be running a test vs anton zeddick when playing the test game the AI would summon Vespers when verdict would trigger mostly when it would summon night fall or daylight it would also spawn a vesper due to the strange nature of this i thought i should bring it up as that's a pretty significant bug affecting how the game plays while testing decks. I can try and force replication and see if i can force it to replicate and stall till it summons to 5th or 6th one just so i can show clearly it triggering off the effect if necessary and screen shot it though its a little trickier to show this off for a dev when its on ps4.
    • By any chance, did the AI have Day Rider in play when that happened? While Day Rider is in play, any time a constant enters play under your opponent's control, it summons a Vesper.

      Since you mention that this happened when you were choosing to summon a nightfall or a daybreak, I would suspect that it's what's happening, and that would not be a bug.
    • pretty sure that there was nothing else in play but next time i run a test ill take note as im generally pretty consistant when testing decks to rfg those and the verdict when it enters play horse in most cases but ill runs some more tests over the weekend to check if it keeps happening and if thats the case. But im pretty sure it wasnt.