CARD DESIGN CONTEST 4/8/18 - 4/14/18

    • CARD DESIGN CONTEST 4/8/18 - 4/14/18

      The Rules:
      Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your
      fellow players and don't go too overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most.

      In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the game continues.

      Design Constraint:
      Create a lore based card which combines two different unaligned factions. You cannot combine allied factions such as the Rotpaw Gang. You may also use an already existing character and creating a new variation of them such as Prince Talysen being murdered and then having his body used to awaken Prince Zakkaz. If you need to, you may include a short one paragraph story with your card.

      Examples and Suggestions:
      Void Star, the Sightless A coyotle tainted by thechaostouched.
      Hap'ie, the High Hero A former Shin'hare soldier who left his life for the Merry Caravan.
      Lazgar Chul A kidnapped female Vennen raised by Orcs.
      Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe A human explorer who rescues and befriends an abandoned Shin'Hare.

      Judging Criteria:
      Here's what I focus on in judging, in order of priority:
      • Creativity - Create an interesting story behind the card.
      • Balance - The mechanics of the card combines two unlikely mechanics.
      • Elegance - The card's text should be easy to understand.


      [ARDENT] 1st: x3 Doom Bringer Packs [UNDERWORLD]

      Honorable Mentions (up to 2): 100p
    • Locke of the Cult
      5 Mana (1 blood, 1 ruby)
      2/6 Defensive
      BASIC: Once per turn (3): Steal and ready target opposing troop untill the end of turn. It gets speed and "when this deals damage to an opponent champion, bury that many cards in stead". This power is free to use if Locke entered play this turn.

      "Locke's research has taken him too far, beyond the boundaries that a mortal mind should ever pass, though, when he noticed the danger, it was far too late."

      Note: the added text is not dispelled at the end of turn.
    • Name: Destined Partners
      Cost: 0
      Threshold Requirement:
      Type: Troop - Human Farmer & Earthling Pet
      Faction: [ARDENT] if your deck starts with 100 or more other [ARDENT] troops, Offset if your deck starts with 100 or more Offset troops, otherwise Neutral.
      Rarity: Common
      Ability: Inspire - When this is voided than conscript a random pony.
      2 /2
      Favor Text: When those 2 are apart than there is no question whom they are working for but when together than all bets are off. - Stoll Pigeon

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    • Bloodpaw, Prophet de l'angoisse
      Troop - Coyotle Warlock Unique
      No faction
      Prophecy deploy - The next action in your deck gets lifedrain, lethal and "Deal 2 damage to target troop"
      Whenever you play a prophesized card, discard a card, then draw a card.
      2, discard a card [BASIC] : Return Bloodpaw to your hand.
      Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
      • Commisioner Pravin Lal - Alpha Centauri
    • Moondust
      Troop - Coyotle Cleric - Unique
      2/3, Lifedrain
      Prophecy deploy - The next troop in your deck gets Illuminate 1. If it is a cleric, it gains this power.
      When you discard a card, illuminate 1.

      "The Luminaries were lost without Lyvaanth's light to guide them. So lost, that it took someone outside their order to show them that Lumos' flames burned brightly in the stars above, still watching over them."

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    • When one of the Luminaries decides to start making Wax Sculptures for the Merry Caravan:

      Madame Tussaud
      3 [DIAMOND] [WILD]
      Unique Troop - Human Cleric

      Deploy - Illuminate 1.

      When you Illuminate, you may choose to Sculpt instead of Ignite or Flare.

      1 [ATTACK] / 3 [DEFENSE]

      "Who knew wax would be so easy to shape?"

      Designer notes: The idea behind Madame Tussuad's ability is to add another option when you Illuminate. The wording of Sculpt X would be "Candlekin you control transform into random troops with cost +X, but change the name to Candlekin." So basically, Illuminate gains an option like Holiday's Whim. It also changes the name of the newly transformed troop to be Candlekin so that you can still Illuminate these troops later.

      In other words, with her on the field, you can choose to Ignite (summon Candlekin), Flare (make Candlekin bigger), or Sculpt (transform candlekin into random troops of an increased cost).
    • 3 - Dark Moon, the Converted
      TROOP - Gnoll Mage - Legendary Unique

      Prophecy Deploy - The next card in your oponent's deck gets "When you draw this, discard a random card."
      When a prophesied card is played, trigger this troop's Deploy ability.

      2 [ATTACK] 3 [DEFENSE]

      " After spending many years being taught by the our tribe, Dark Moon finally learned to control the future with his own twist" - Lanupaw
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    • @Karot
      Very nice combination of Locke's thievery ability and chaostouched burial. The only thing I would suggest is adding a sapphire threshold to weld it all together as a chaostouched troop.

      I am having trouble understanding what the troop does. From what I understand, its main ability is to inspire and conscript horses, but the parameters for the start of the game power has nothing to do with it.

      All in the universe is suffering with Bloodpaw. Really nice use of prophecy and return to turn your action deck into a lethal burn deck.

      A simple and clean revival of Winter Moon. The creativity behind the card is very unique and intriguing.

      The Luminaries and the Caravan huh? Quite an interesting combination. Love the idea of escalating candlekins via transformation as opposed to just Flare.

      A gnoll raised by coyotles is an interesting and very possible combination. A stackable negative prophecy can really force an opponent into a corner very quick. Very nice control power.

      Display Spoiler
      [INVINCIBLE] 1st: Arcanyx [INVINCIBLE]
      Madame Tussaud has such a unique power when it comes to combining two factions. I never thought of the Luminaries and the Merry Caravan to have much in common, but with their powers combined, it can be a real threat.

      [FLIGHT] Honorable Mentions [FLIGHT]

      Love the creativity behind the card. The flavor text is just :thumbsup:

      Very nice take on Lanupaw becoming corrupt and built for control.