Account Leveling Rewards Update

    • Blackwood wrote:

      Will there be more sleeves added to the pool? Perhaps a milestone for an animated sleeve, for excitement's sake?
      I think there are 27 different sleeves in the pool already. We can only get 10 now and that is what make me sad all the time until now(since I can get 10 more, yeah) because I feel like the art of these level up sleeves beat a lot of the reward sleeves.
    • Gregangel wrote:

      I don't play pve, I barely play constructed so I reach level 100 playing hundreds of paid evo or draft... so yes I paid a lot.
      But free or not it is absolutly not relevant to the topic

      Account leveling is a bad system and I said it day one way before this terrible way to handle reward rotation.

      Again, I repeat, achievement system resetting every new set would be way better and it woud be free... or not...
      Your mindset is wrong here for a simple reason: Imagine the account reward system wouldn't exist. What would you have paid for when participating in a draft or evo? What do you pay for when this system is in place? The answer to both is: Draft or evo. You never paid for account levelling, it's something you got on top for free. It might have incentivized you to play (which is good because that's why it exists) but it makes no sense to say that you paid for it. Just run the numbers, it would never be worthwhile to pay for limited events only because you want these rewards. Hex could easily take the rewards away from all players and the uproar would probably be huge. This is relevant to the topic because it is relevant to how you perceive the account levelling and your way of thinking about it is too negative for what it does.

      Sure, we can discuss how to change the system but please make some suggestions in order to do this rather than just crap on the existing system. An achievement system is your first interesting suggestion but you would have to make sure that every type of player can benefit rather equally from it. This is actually quite difficult to implement because achievements for PvE players would look very different from those for constructed grinders (not the rewards but the preconditions/quests you would have to fulfill) and the achievement system should be applicable for everyone. This is actually the strength of the current system.

      Also, this entire change to the system isn't even that unfair because the last few of the existing 100 levels provide players with roughly 50% of the entire value. This means that, even though I am already at level 82, I have basically gained 80-100$ in value while you got the full 180-200$ and we both played quite a lot. So now the slower grinders might (we don't know if the new AA legendary will be as valuable as Dark Heart and whether it also sells easily) get an advantage but you are going to increase your gap to these players anyway simply because you are faster. In reality, your disadvantage is not as big as you might think, if at all. Remember, that you also got the expensive rewards before the slower grinders, which always makes a difference.

      AceBladewing wrote:

      Oh stop it with the "it's free" argument. It adds nothing to the discussion aside from making people feel morally superior to others.

      Regardless of whether you are trolling here, annoyed or actually think this way, the quote above from Gregangel clearly shows that this is a relevant argument because he thinks that he pays for the system, which is wrong. He decided to play the modes he wanted to the way he wanted to. He could have gone for something else that is actually free if he wanted to just farm the account levelling system. But he didn't and it was his choice and he knew what he was doing and probably did it because he likes the gamemodes he plays. If he paid anything for these rewards and gets less than other players who also paid, his concerns would actually be valid.
    • Gregangel wrote:

      I don't play pve, I barely play constructed so I reach level 100 playing hundreds of paid evo or draft... so yes I paid a lot.

      Gregangel wrote:

      After 3 years playing the game, I spent exactly $400 as a barely above average limited player.
      source of second quote

      So which is it? 400$ in 3 years is very very very little.

      Also, being able to go infinite is also an indicator that singles in Hex are expensive.