Reflecting Upon a Format - Mono Blood Vs Momentum Format(Standard)

    • Reflecting Upon a Format - Mono Blood Vs Momentum Format(Standard)

      Format: Mono Blood Vs Momentum Format(Standard)

      Previous Format: Durdle Scrooge Format

      Following Format: Momemtum and Candles Format

      • Begin: 5 Feb 2018 (Haraza gets unnerfed)
      • End: 16 Mar 2018 (Doombringer Set is released)
      Tier List:…1a4m-4vStUt0HU/edit#gid=0

      Main characteristics of the format:

      -Mono Blood Control and Mono-Wild Lady Avalanche the 2 tier 1 decks comprising almost 50% of the meta.

      -Mono Blood control with Bar'dak. Thanks to its charge it could quickly overwhelm decks on T6. Its early game was used to destroy its opponent's hand with Withering Gaze, Demented Whispersand Primordial Cockatwice, whispers was also an especially problematic card because it milled, one could win by resolving 4 demented whispers and milling your opponent out. The only troops the deck ran was Vampire Prince and Bride of the Damned, the first one helping in mantaining the health total for the charge and power and bride quickly shutting out any troop based strategy by T5, especially combined with the pletlora of excellent blood removal the deck ran like Herofall, Strangle and Massacre(even if your bride dies to your massacre you ended up getting your opponent's entire board).

      - D/W Lady Avalanche was a ramp deck using card like Palm of Granite and Acolyte of Shoku and then used the resources to gain massive card advantage with wild cards like Merry Caravan, Wildlife and Exalted Pathfinder. Also, using its ramp to take full advantage of momentum, generating extra resources with cards like Leprechaun Artist and Shamrock, The Goldfather, also using to latter to generate even further advantage.

      - Tier 2 was populated by 2 of the more agressive decks in the format R/S Sockets and Candles, due to return of the former, this format was less greedy than the previous one:

      - R/S Sockets Haraza returned as the top Tier 2 deck of the format with its Burning Banner receiving back its +1 [ATTACK] . The used 2 new DoW socket troops Heartsworn Caller and Quenchinator, the former granting a charge upon damaging a champion and the latter gaining charges through the Major Ruby Gem of Galvanization and giving another troop its Gem for extra charges, allowing often to drop the banner twice in a game. Combined with powerful socket support such as Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann and Animus of Nulzann it proved to be quite a difficult deck to deal with.

      - The Candles win condition to build a board of Candlekin and buff them with illuminate, which is a mechanic that either or buff their candlekin. This was done through a variety of troops and actions such as Wax Dawn and Scion of Lyvaanth and new additions from DoW such as Acolyte of Flame and Choir of Lumos. It had also access to a plethora of removal both in archetype such as Flamelick or powerful generic removal like Wrath of Elements, Winter's Grasp and Return to Cinder to name a few. Lastly, they could turn all their candlekin in giant evasive threat with their constant Wings of Wax. Even though the deck was fairly linear, it remained very successful.
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