Two questions

    • Two questions

      Hi people!

      I have played through the PvE-campaign and started to look at the Gauntlets while I'm waiting for more content there. I have one problem there, which already has cost me a few duels, and that is that the game never stops to give me priority during the opponents turn before he declares his attack. This is sort of disastrous if for example you have a strategi that depends on exhausting an opponents troops before he can attack. I assume that there is a setting for this somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it. Where is it?

      The second question is probably more simple. During play I have come over a variety of different card sleeves. Where can I select which one to use in battle?
    • Phase stops can be managed in the settings (while youre in a game, the gear wheel on the left middle (small), click on it and configure your phase stops.

      Sleeves can be selected right next to the save icon when you save your deck. There are many different sources for different sleeves (you have to obtain them first!)