Doombringer Update - Patch Notes

    • In my book. Hex needs a lot of quality of life improvements and should actually be priority no1 over features for now. There is a lot of things that can be done in game already but some of it is badly implemented or simply horrible to try or to do on a daily basis ( looking at you AH and deck editor )

      Very happy for the filter of prismatic cards it was really a pain when I was looking at cards in evo
    • Guess I have to read the patch notes. I've been building my evo pools with half of my cards since this was changed. Thought I was going crazy that I had less cards to build a deck with but it's just that I was filtering out all the prismatic cards. I had a whole system going to build my pools and now this filter change has messed it all up. Can't say I like it. It's going to make evo deck building harder that it was.

      Edit: I despise the filter change. Show me the prismatic cards please.

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    • ReluxTheRelux wrote:

      GobBluth wrote:

      Who even asked for prismatic cards not to show up when sorting by colors? Makes no sense to me. Did Hex Ent even try to build an evo pool after making this change? It's terrible.
      I think they were think of draft and contructed(PvE, PvP) when making these changes.
      Yea that makes sense I guess. But it makes sealed formats so much worse to play. You would think they would have thought about that before implementing a change and added a toggle option instead of forcing the change on people who play mostly sealed.
    • I love this change. As far as QoL changes go this has always been near the top. If i'm filtering for Blood and Diamond cards it never made sense that I could see cards with Ruby, Sapphire and Wild thresholds as well and it just made finding the cards I was interested in take longer. The number of times I drew a card in limited only to find I couldn't play it because it was a prismatic card I didn't have the thresholds because I had the filters for the shards I wanted and didn't check what I was putting in because I assumed the filters I was using would remove the cards I don't want was very frustrating.

      The trade of having to sort by shards to check my prismatic cards before I start filtering is more than worth the pay off of not having 50+ cards I don't want when I build a deck from my collection or putting cards I can't play in my limited decks.

      In long term seeing a 'show prismatic filter' or something of the sort would be good for suiting everyone but the change as is now is something i've wanted so much since prismatic cards were introduced in set 3.
    • I honestly have never put a prismatic card in an evo deck that I didn't plan on having the thresholds to play. But I can see why that would be frustrating.

      I want the prismatic cards because, especially in this set, they are some of the most powerful. So to look at a shard and not see what your best prismatic pairings are at the same time is inefficient. It's hard to get a whole picture of what I have in my pool if the only way to see all the cards is to have no filters on and just look at at all of cards at the same time.

      Again my main point is I'm not sure why it couldn't have been a toggle. Then everyone is happy.