The Champions of Doombringer

    • Mistress Eravyn
      Because this is conditional i believe the cost needs a -1 minimum if not -2 reduction for her to be playable. You need a troop in play then it has to die to gain the benefit.

      Ignatius, the Granite King
      Remove the diamond requirement from the activation. Just don't think that is honestly a good thing that its there. Generally so speaking the cards that use this have cycled to wild.

      I think this card needs +1 or +2 health as it generally would only be highly usable in 1 deck type that there are no signs of becoming popular at the moment are there are just better options available.

      Wicked Wilda
      +2 health might make her see play as an alternative to blackberry knight in a rowdy deck.

      Daren of the Light
      I think his ability needs a -1 cost reduction to balance out the downsides to it. Personally to make it good enough to make him popular. But I dont think hes necessarily bad either just not good enough vs other options.

      Rhiannon of the flame.
      Targeting troops only its hard to say this is good enough without reducing the cost by -1. Thinking vs PVE character you build the warrior hero power is not as strong as sometimes just having the ability to make a 1/1 so i think this needs a -1 cost reduction being it only targets troops and its conditional to do more than 1 damage.

      Korrac of the Stone
      If this had a cost of 3 and the health was 2 higher i still dont think this would be good enough to see play. Maybe someone will argue with me but i think the only chance of this being good would be to make it. 5 and 1/1 or 2/1 or something like that.

      Nameless Knight
      This might see play if you gained a charge when an opposing player discarded a card. But other wise at 7 the cost is just too high. If it was 8 even and you gained a charge when they discarded it would be alot better.

      Rabid Raider
      I will second some other thoughts this is really very very good maybe even too good.

      Madeline the Flayer
      Cost of 5...Requires something to enable you to discard...Im sorry this is just atrocious like I seriously tried to make her work. There is just never a good situation for this to have value vs the other heroes out there. Also it only targets troops.
      To make this hero playable 1 of the following needs to happen:
      - Reduce the activation by 2.
      - Remove the discard requirement. (This is the dumbest option).
      - it to draw a card - discard a card then deal 3 damage to target troop and remove the requirement to discard.
      Then she would see play I am pretty sure.

      Other heros not listed i feel could have niches in the right decks.
    • Right now, lowering his health significantly and buffing the hell out of all of the other unplayable and unplayed champions would be great for the limited meta. Lowering health will mean that they won't be able to race so easily and will at least have to leave the grapes to block more often.

      I just want add that when all these champions were spoiled, the consensus at the time in in my guild, and presumably the community at large, was that Blackberry was clearly too strong in limited and that the familiar champions looked very weak - because they have such a low floor. Lo and behold, things have turned out just as expected, except the familiar champs are even worse than anticipated. We probably did not quite appreciate how scarce familiars really were going to be since they're mostly uncommons and four of the five common familiars are below average cards that you often don't want to put in your 23.
    • This is starting to piss me off.

      I honestly believe this should be one of the best limited formats they have ever made, but one degenerate champion is ruining everything. There is abundant data that the champion is broken. I doubt their is a single person high ranked on the limited ladder that thinks Blackberry is fine. You can force W/S/x in almost any draft and get a 2-1 or 3-0 finish. BY FAR the highest % played champion and BY FAR the highest win rate.

    • Ducklett wrote:

      Knight 4 charge
      Rabid Rider 4 charge
      Agustus no change
      Solis no change
      Annihilix 3 charges
      Buff the rest
      I would also like some change to Lady Avalanche, probably reduced starting health ( Cressida requires [RUBY] [WILD] and has 17 health ). While Lady Avalanche isn't Doombringer champion, shes actual reason why Momentum decks are so busted and dominate STD so hard.
    • Excellent patch, overall extremely positive for the game.

      For the future, I would suggest doing champion updates like this a week or two earlier - a month after release tops. There's surely a good number of people who have been disillusioned with the format(s) for at least two weeks now, as evidenced by the lethargic draft queues, and might not even see this update for a while, if ever, and return.

      I understand the desire to both do a more comprehensive champion update such as this, but you can always fix the most broken stuff 3-4 weeks after release and then do another smaller tune-up balance pass late-cycle to freshen things up.