Sanctum of Suffering: Yay, or Nay?

    • Sanctum of Suffering: Yay, or Nay?

      It seems much like the Luminaries before them, I've fallen for the Sisters of Suffering. More so than the Luminaries, perhaps. Not sure what that says about me as a person, but anyhow:

      As the title of this thread suggests, I'm not certain on the usefulness of Sanctum of Suffering. The way I see it, this card can potentially be good in conjunction with Painstoke Sister for direct damage, Nameless Dustman to make him (it?) quite large quite quickly, and (with the right amount of luck, given the RNG nature of Sanctum) getting a Conjured Candleghast out for a cheap cost (side note: I find it quite odd that you can "Pay 2, play this for free," since "free" usually means "no cost," but anyway). That said, I can also see how this can go wrong. It could discard your pieces before getting your board together, and Briny Ray seems to have the same use, but with the added benefit of getting to pick what you discard and doing damage itself. Still, the Ray only discards while attacking, while Sanctum discards at the start of your turn. Maybe having both could work, though the risk of decking yourself does seem quite high. If you're up against a mill deck, you're kinda just aiding your opponent at that point, praying you can poke them to death before your deck hits zero. Might do some experimenting, running 2 or 3 Sanctums (I really don't think a full playset is a wise choice when paired with the Ray) to see how that works.

      Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

      Edit 2: First edit was made a moot point. Still having fun with this deck, at least.

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    • While sanctum of suffering was definitely designed to support the self-discard theme with cards like conjured candleghast and scribe of the flayed man, it might work better in an aggro deck as you will draw two if you have no cards in hand.

      It's a shame McBombus rotated along with a lot of those "action matters" troops. A Mcbombus deck with skarns, seeing red, flickering gobbler, combat training, etc. could probably use the card to great use; especially against grindy/control decks in the reserves.