[BUG] Mysteres de l'angoisse Not Allowing Draw mechanics.

    • [BUG] Mysteres de l'angoisse Not Allowing Draw mechanics.

      Your Display Name: Endgame
      Bug Description: Mysteres de l'angoisse not allowing Draw mechanics when it cast said spell card for free.
      Steps to Reproduce: Have Mysteres de l'angoisse on board use activated ability hope one of the 7 cards is a action with Draw effect and it doesn't resolve the extra draw from the spell correctly.
      Frequency: Every Action spell 3 or less with Draw mechanic.
      Additional Information: I believe that the Mysteres de l'angoisse Artifact resolves "Put the rest of the cards back into the Library." Before the draw mechanic of said action card thus blocking the Draw effect.

      Please look into this I'm thinking of cutting this out of my decks currently.... :/ And I recommend no one gimp themseleves using this artifact till this bug is fix unless you don't run any draw effect on actions.