Card Design Contest - 3/16/2018 - 3/23/2018

    • Bloodscorned Cursestone
      When you play this, sacrifice a creature you control.
      Then, each player selects and discards a card.
      You gain 0/1 and 1 charge per card discarded.

      Bountiful Trove
      0/1, Gain a random threshold.
      If you have one or more Bountiful Troves in your deck, place a random Bountiful Trove from your deck into your hand.
      Otherwise, each player places a random standard resource from their deck into their hand.

      Egg of Destiny
      Create a random (1) cost troop that you meet the threshold requirements to play, and put it in your hand. It gains "One-Shot: When you play this, copy it."

      Emberflare Soulstone
      1/1, Gain a Charge
      Target troop you control gains "When this Rebirths, it gains Momentum: 1"

      Forgotten Relic
      Create a random rare Artifact and place it in your hand.
      It gains "Cost -1" and "If this is in your hand at the end of your turn, discard it and gain a charge."

      Mirrored Ice
      Target card in your hand loses all thresholds. Then, create a copy of that card and put it into an opponent's hand.

      Mysterious Gloomstone
      1/1, Gain a Charge
      Each player tunnels a random troop from their deck. If that troop does not have tunneling, it gains tunneling equal to its resource cost.

      Radiant Heartstone
      1/1, Gain a Charge
      The next standard resource in your deck gains Fateweave.