Iron Maiden Doombringer

    • The problem isn't that she's unplayable, it's just that right now she's just not good enough compared to her cost/shards/lore. Iron Maiden is unique and tricky tri-shard identity, but still falls short compared to the women mono-shard cycle of sets 5-6 and even to some cards like pathfinder, Shamrock, dark heart, etc.

      A few simple keywords would see her at least see some play and make her feel like the powerful, dangerous leader of the new BDSM illuminaries.
    • psychoillusion wrote:

      i think most of you are just trying to run her in a good stuff deck rather than build around her.
      no one will build around her for her to just die before she does anything. When a legendary card will only be good in pve, you may as well not put it in a pack and just make it a pve card.

      Ann's when i say it will only be good in pve i mean that purely because the ai won't play against it properly
    • I think most people here, I know I do at least, want her to be an answer to decks that rely heavily on a couple of cards to win by having her being able to swing out of nowhere forcing the opponent into the though choice of if they want to play the card in question and have it vulnerable against removal, or keep it in hand being vulnerable against Iron Maiden. Answer cards like these are usually pretty terrible if they are delayed as the opponent can either respond to it, or play around it like 90% of the time.

      I know people are sick and tired of hearing the "it dies to removal" argument, but in Hex for quality minions this is a legitimate concern more so than in other TCGs because Bride exists.
    • psychoillusion wrote:

      she is not a card you play on curve you play her while you can protect her she can straight up win you the game if used right the cards are there for her to be a force but i mean if you think she is bad and crack one open cod for 25k gold ill take her off your hands
      are you claiming she is a control finisher? That's more laughable than saying she is good on curve..

      you are playing vs an aggro deck who knocked you down to low health early game and you can't afford to use her ability


      You are playing against a deck you know iss loaded with 5 and 6 cost cards, midrange style deck, are you ever comfortable risking 5 or 6 health?
    • Incoming greedy self harm inflicting haraza decks playing "ressource heart of gain 3 charges" to get the banner out for the maiden to strike when she hits the field ?

      Then assuming she trikes t 4, you pay X for 3 or 2 to get most common removals out ?

      Already 5-6 self inflicted damage to make discard some removal and deal 5 damage if not blocked. and need to get perfect B/S/R thresholds by T4. Maybe just with a socketed dude + galvanization gem is better than the new self mutilating ressource.

      Overall, whatever the tweaks, she seems like a lot of work for not much constructed goodness.

      She'll just be a nice limited legendary bomb imo.
      Awaiting the Doomwalker's arrival in Entrath since the Beta.

      " Honey, where's my chaos key ?
      - Have you searched in your chaos coat ?
      - Shoot I left it in the chaos car... "

      ... Still be waiting for a while it seems ...
    • Vroengard wrote:

      psychoillusion wrote:

      i think most of you are just trying to run her in a good stuff deck rather than build around her.
      The problem is Iron Maiden does NOT win you the game. Not only do you not know what's the best X but also it's unlikely the opponent only relies in one card to win.
      It's kinda matchup dependant, as it's literaly Cabal Therapy on stick and combined with other hand control cards can be completly nuts, because unlike Vampire Princess it's not random.
    • the threshold requirements seems unnecessary (where is the ruby/sapphire in this card?), but this type of ability shouldn't cost less than 4

      4/5 is actually pretty big. it's just that stats are not very significant (outside of limited) because every deck has to deal with or ignore the enormous undercosted troops (which is a huge balance problem), so nobody cares about damage-based removal or blocking
    • avgasblomman wrote:

      Can't but agree, any 2 of Speed, Swiftstrike and Lifedrain seem like flavorful choices for her.

      A bit apples to oranges, but compare this to Exalted Pathfinder- which are you more likely to win the game with if you start your turn with it in play? And which is easier to get into play? Not saying she needs to be overly pushed, but it is a bit silly how unexciting she is to play.
      Not to mention Pathfinder is Single threshold and will always go into many different W/X lists.
    • The range of constructed viable troops is much more narrow than most players want to admit. If you look through the past months worth of tournament results, they either need to be cheap and generate ongoing card advantage if they live (Leprechaun Artist, Vampire Prince, Mightsinger, Emcee Etcher), have the ability to generate immediate value and/or take over the game if they live (Bride, Pathfinder, Goldfather, Vampire Queen, Dark Heart, Animus) or are removal (Dark Heart, Bride, Eldurathan's Glory, Eternal Seeker, Pippit Hustler). There are exceptions, but not a great many of them. Sadly, "dies to removal" is in fact an enormous problem. Fortunately, 4/5 are good stats for dodging a fair bit of the removal in this format, as it gets around both Strangle and Winter's Grasp, and can even attack meaningfully as a 1/2 after Massacre. For similar reasons, Pulsagath has been able to see a bit of play. So Maiden might get there, but I'm a bit skeptical. It's also likely that RS combo decks built around Scribe will be quite popular, and those will probably be running 4 copies of Sabretooth (an excellent card to cheat into play), and Maiden lines up poorly against Sabretooth. We'll see.