Doombringer Pack Sleeves

    • Eraia wrote:

      Goliathus wrote:

      It means they successfully pursuit people - happy or not
      That is not true, btw. If you get customers, but make them unhappy... you win short term, but lose long-term.
      Oh I agree with this, 100%, but until the day people actually quit over this decision, it is fine, and I highly doubt someone is going to quit over "pack sleeve". It could be one of the two reasons that accumulate and cause players to leave, that is true though, but it alone isn't going to have that much impact. From my personal observation, it takes a long time for someone to give up on a game or any entertainment option they have liked. For instance, people have complaint about Hearthstone a lot but how many actually quit? A lot just whine and play, and "whine and play" is not an issue for the company. They got their play time and money, just like the sleeve here. Same goes for people who go to Michael Bay and then saying how it sucked, and go again for the next MB movie. Until the one time he doesn't go anymore, he is still part of MB's profit.

      As for losing long-term, it depends. As I said, this decision alone isn't going to change people's view on Hex dramatically. If Hex can find 10 reasons to make people happy and then just this to make people unhappy, then this one "bad decision" is fine. It takes more than a single decision to lose long-term. If this decision actually earns them profit while only decreasing player base's happiness that can be boosted back up with other decision, then it is fine. Of course, this is not a video game so things aren't going to be as simple as stated, but give and take has always been part of any decision -- just like they did when they go for PS4 instead of focusing on the PC version.

      Metronomy wrote:

      Only issue is that it will be impossible to tell how much this will have impacted limited activity since there are too many factors in the equation on overall limited activity. So in that regard it will be easy for them and everybody else to say it worked just fine.

      So the negative side of things is near impossible to evaluate (albeit real) and the positive side could have been there without the negative side.
      It's true that limited activity will be affected, only time will tell...and maybe State of the Game will tell too, we can only wait for now. However, I think you cannot deny one other positive side of this implementation: Card price are fricking low on first day. This really pains me because I am part of the people who play a lot on release weekend for profit and profit only. That means selling all the cards, open up primal and yada yada. However, I quickly realized how the card prices are extremely low just by the first day and I think all the "external" packs opening contribute to this. So, this could be a set where constructed is cheaper than ever or at least has the potential to be cheaper, which is a sweet deal to the group of people who think constructed should be cheaper. I am sure some cards will rise in price eventually, but for now, the market looks sweet to the buyers.
    • Vroengard wrote:

      And you have to admit that players that opened sleeves outside of tournaments have been offered NOTHING since the begining of Hex.
      They've been offered the contents of the pack.

      Again: Play things safe, get the norm. Risk, get more(or lose). That's the way the world works. You don't see people buying mutual funds and becoming billionaires off of it. No, because that's the SAFE option. So you get slow, steady progress. But if you risk, you can win big.
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