The Enders and Necrotics

    • The Enders and Necrotics

      So I have a theory.

      Enders all have gems inside them. And we all know Hexing Gems have an inteligence it compels Necrotic to make more of themselves. What if Hex attempted to assimilate all races via Awakening but it failed and only works on humans? What if The Enders was a success and The Worldscar opened the (obviously) portal to another dimension well that's obvious but another dimension where Hex won? Many races think Necrotics have their own agenda and hell they seem to want something beyond awakening but they don't have enough information. It seems Hex might've gave up on it but the Song Necrotics all hear seems to be something Hex can't stop but it seems the Necrotic have a will to make more but Hex isn't giving them anything else. Maybe the Enders are what Hex wanted out of Necrotics (well in terms of having all organic races 'awakened')
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