[Siege] Provide more incentive for attackers!

    • [Siege] Provide more incentive for attackers!

      Hi @ll!

      Siege feels really great, but what feels great is mostly the DEFENDING.

      Defenders get:

      Attackers get:

      There is a clear imbalance between defending and attacking and so many people prefer defending over attacking Sieges.

      Hence, I would like you to put some extra incentives for attacking. For example:

      -Leaderboards (most Sieges beaten, longest winstreak...)
      -Achievements with rewards - maybe a sleeve for beating 50 Sieges, 100, 1000?
      -Account XP boosts (extra account XP for Siege winstreaks)
      -other incentives...

    • Thanks for this post. I personally have been sticking to high win keeps to attack as my success rate has been very high. I did not want to discourage people from reposting, so I attack only those who are in the green already.

      And as someone who has never completed AZ2, or a FRA run, and I don't have even one campaign character up to max level, I will probably never be into setting up Defenses.

      I personally do not feel discouraged to keep attacking, the gold/plat rewards are enough incentive. However, I do feel as though something should be done for attackers, as most people are probably not like me. Sleeves, leaderboards, anything. Maybe even make it so if you are at a high enough attack level, you get a discount on the bounty or something.

      Or, you know, they could always just get these Cosmic Coins into the game and give attackers those every so often. Kill about 3 birds with one stone there. ;)