FRA Budget Deck Idea: Skittering Nightmares (egg mill)

    • FRA Budget Deck Idea: Skittering Nightmares (egg mill)

      Happy Weekend,

      With the recent changes to Terror mill and the dream spider I looked into making a new deck to grind out some rare items from FRA. I'm sure a few decks similar to this have popped up and that's not surprising. This is a pretty budget deck I think. On my first run through FRA I manage to win all but one match, I demolished archon though which was a pleasant surprise. Either way let's get this listed, lowest cost to highest.

      My deck was a total of 64 cards because of some added cards for flavor adjust accordingly
      8 sapphire, 8 blood, 2 sapphire ice, 2 blood ice, 4 shards of cunning
      The main bits:
      4x incubate - Throw spider eggs at em
      4x fever bloom + daisy chain (trinket) - adds to buries, works with new dream spider change, gives you a blocker/late game bury to play later
      4x phenteo's gift + Terror Touched Blade (weapon) - still good, not always needed to win but helps to have them in the mix
      4x Morsel of Madness + Sabotons of Madness (feet) - I don't have these but boots for dream spider aren't a bad substitute, otherwise good for the extra hp
      4x Spiraling end - I don't any equipment for this and I actually only had 3 of these in my deck, worth experimenting with if you have it, also helps cover what the dream spider doesn't (destroys first tier boss)
      4x Dream spider + Chitinous Gloves (duh) + Dream Golashes (dream creature discard from hand effect) - with an army of unblockable spiderlings this can devastate a deck, collect the spiderlings then throw this out right before the attack
      4x Azure Fang Decree - eggs and buries, both the things this deck does
      4x Winter Widow + White Caraspace (chest) - this is absolutely one of the most effective delay tactics that has helped me mitigate problems til I can get to eggs more times than I can count. Frostform means it can be a cheap 1 mana stun, and since there are many 3 cost cards that means there is a high chance of extra mana which I usually spam on stunning the worst enemy on the field (equipment gives a 1 mana exhaust to stun opposing troop)
      4x Chaotic Murmurs + Chaotic Cloak (head) - buries cards before game, buries decent number of cards later on

      Flavor Cards that I happen to own:
      1x Psionic Barrage - this card could actually be a decent replacement for other cards in the deck, but I haven't bothered buying more yet
      1x Nameless Devourer - 2 mana 5/5 crush on the board or bury ten cards, wish I had more of these babies
      1x Arachnomicon - Adds random spider to your hand every turn and at 8 spiders on the field you can void it for an extra turn, use it if you have it, I only got to use it in one fight and by then I had already won
      1x Playtime - take control of target creature or owner buries half their deck, who could complain
      1x Demented Destiny - Decent for late game, same burying ability as chaotic murmurs for only 2 mana and steal a card of your choice it loses all thresholds, sometimes it's nice to take mana or if there is something really useful, I wouldn't mind a second one of these as I've have this in my starting hand several times and usually end up using it rather quickly

      Deck Link:!/deck=309938

      Excluding the flavor cards everything else is easy enough to get. The other note I have for this deck is that I didn't always win via dream spider, sometimes I used an army of spiderlings to kill, sometimes I used winter widows to delay until I could finish burying the deck with actions, or I had spiders on the board and found a dream spider to make the last assault lethal to their deck, and a few times the daisies from fever bloom helped finish things up. The idea behind this deck was to remove the old "look for phenteo's" cards from standard terrormill (dream eagle and arcane focus) and replace them with useful cards that provide battlefield control (winter widow) as well as avatar damage since that is where old terrormill didn't do well (spiderlings/dream spider are offensive while terrors and winter widows play defense) and with 12 egg cards in the deck there is a decent chance of having something to shove into the opposing deck. I managed to do well against some of the hard counters for old terrormill, though I wouldn't be surprised if there is room for improvement and look forward to hearing some suggestions as this is a first attempt. I will say that I'm glad the motif for this deck fits together so well. Let me know what you think.

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