Setting Bonus rewards for each Siege deck

    • Setting Bonus rewards for each Siege deck

      I've kind of mentioned this elsewhere before, but I wanted to expand on it further now that we have Siege.

      The Idea: let players set up Bonus rewards for each of their decks. Similar to how we have the Chat bubble to set taunts, you could add a Prize Icon in which players can click to then attach bonus rewards that challengers can earn if a condition is met.

      For example.

      Keep 1 Mono Ruby

      I set a bonus prize of - Some AA card
      Prize win condition: Win by Burying entire deck

      Keep 2 Dinosaurs

      I set a bonus prize of - some Mercenary
      prize win condition: Win on or before turn 4

      Keep 3 Contants

      I set a bonus prize of - Twilight Justice
      Prize win condition: Win without playing any troops

      Those are just some examples, you could potentially set it up with many many different win conditions that players could select from. You could also make it so that players could set several bonus prizes per Siege deck.

      WHY DO THIS?
      Extra incentive for players plus it would get players trying new things/decks


      HAVOC :thumbsup:

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