PVE Card Updates – Siege Launch Patch

    • It's nice to see some attention lent to buffing underpowered / generally 'unplayable' PVE cards--particularly with a conscious mind towards making campaign rewards more fun / interesting to acquire. Hopefully it can lead to a kick-off ripple of revisiting other such cards along the way as well--there's so many cards in the Hex catalog with cool art and novel premises that just aren't useful enough to bother with presently and I'm all for introducing more variety to the tinkering think-tank space.

      Don't disagree with any of the nerfs shown here and the buffs seem promising, so kudos!
    • For Fever Bloom, does the equipment create the Dementia Daisies and put into you hand or does it pull it from the deck?

      If the former that is an interesting change to build around or if it's the latter than it's pretty much a worthless piece of equipment.

      Dream Spider with Dream Galoshes is almost unplayable with the current state of the AI. Maybe that will change and the AI will get smarter.

      Looking forward to the nerf bat hitting FRA.

      Edit: Also please add Dark Descent into the game so changing it actually has an effect.
      I know it's in game, despite farming for it a lot, it still hasn't dropped

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    • Gonna put all my thoughts for the changes:

      Phentoe's Gift - OOOF. Thats a BIG hit. While we can't get terrorantula spam, we can still get a fair amount of them. It seems to be at a goodish power level.

      Nazhk Lookout - fair enough. The equipment is now garbage (much better things to put for amulets), but the change is fair.

      Captains parrot - was nerfed once, the 2nd nerf might be a bit overkill? Not sure how to feel about this

      Spiraling end - fair enough (dont think terrormill will be good in FRA now, 3 important cards were hit.)

      Cerebral Jackhat - i disagree with this nerf. IMO it was fine before.

      Ruin of Ripplewood - hmmm, opens up more opportunity for self bounce but i dont think it was too problematic before, im iffy on this one

      Contract Killing - a fair nerf.

      Fever Bloom equipment - in some ways this might be a buff? interesting change

      Spirit of Retribution - fair enough. This will really hurt some FRA decks viability however


      Form ranks - nice! a solid buff which can open up some room for many new trait and or class decks.

      Containment sphere -from trash to somewhat useable. Might need a bit more of a push to see play in pve decks.

      Hellshot catapult - a great buff! Now this will see some play due to coming out early enough now.

      Phoenix Guard Harrier - this was sorely needed. It was too expensive, and had a drawback. Could be built around as we get more and more flight troops.

      Dream bear, skarn, turtle - nice buff to stats. May encourage bringing back some ETD with equipment decks.

      Dream Spider - interesting change. This card may now see some good play in mill decks since you can potentially mill a lot with it now.

      Gnome Wayfarer - good change. Was a bit too expensive for the effect now it will be easier to get card advantage out of it

      Ghost Sentinel - Great! This guy is criminally underused, I like this for potential of future armour decks.

      Arcanograft Technician - excellent for cost reduction, i think the ability would be one shot now? Else that makes infinite troops.

      Walking hive - Nice, this might see some play now

      Graveblade Skirmisher - cool changes, might spark aggro necrotic deck.

      Emberbrute - now will fit even better in form ranks decks

      Thornsprout - see above, also pretty nice buff for plant decks

      Dark descent - great! It was definately too expensive before. Now just have to find synergy mill decks with it.

      Defiler of the fallen - great! We might need some more shift cards for the deck this would shine in to work however.

      Soul of Raqqar - fantastic! Already sparking some self damage b/d decks with him and equip now. Watch the price skyrocket.

      Gareth Kay - good buff. Great inspire with even better stats now

      Moqui - nice. Edit - wrong thing, was looking at champion power cost not troop cost. This makes him a very valuable 4 drop.

      Nerissa - excellent! No more chump blocks making her useless now

      Glendower - cool! Gives the good old dwarf decks a bit more of a spark they needed

      All in all great changes, although there may be some I disagree with. Thank you for making necessary changes, and most of all, THANK YOU FOR BUFFING USELESS PVE CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I'm a bit disappointed by the nerf to Nazhk Lookout's equipment. I wouldn't think the occasional free Vennen is that overpowered especially when the ability would have been triggered even less frequently thanks to the nerf to the card.

      Other than that it all sounds good to me.
    • Blackwood wrote:

      ReluxTheRelux wrote:

      just a thing for Moqui, Nerissa and Glendower you guys accidentaly linked their mercs, Moqui, Nerissaand Glendower intead of the cards.
      The surprise buff is that now you get to deploy their Champions to the battlefield. 0 cost with giant defense pools, tough to overcome!
      well, that'd be fun...

      they should create mode where we play with champions as cards instead of regular cards lol

      by the way the same problem also in the arcle with Dream Bear, Dream Skarn, Dream Spider and Dream Turtle listing the champions Dream Bear, Dream Skarn, Dream Spider, Dream Turtle.
      HEX forums resident liker.
    • MtgCollector wrote:

      WTF? If u think a card is unbalanced u can ban it. Early u change equip wording, now pve cards wording. That the following? PvP wording?
      It's been established for about 5 years now that PVE Cards & Equipment can receive balance and mechanical changes without warning, but PVP cards are (with the exception of bug-fixing erroneous behavior) only subject to restriction / bans, not mechanical changes.