Card Design Contest, Feb 16 - Feb 23 2018

    • Card Design Contest, Feb 16 - Feb 23 2018

      The Rules:
      Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your fellow players and don't go too overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most.

      In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the game continues.

      Design Constraint:
      Design a card, or a group of cards, that would make you want to play trishard. Please explain how the card incentivises (is this even a word, it sounded right at least) a trishard deck, if it is not obvious as I am not that great of a deckbuilder to see certain combinations on the first glance.

      Examples and Suggestions:
      There are some in game, like Prince Zakkaz and the Berry Bunch, but also the Queens Soldiers seen again in the last Kismet Draft like Queensguard and Royal Valkyrie. Also possible would be single shard cards, that pair well with a strategy mainly from two other shards like Satyrs Roost Bards.

      You are welcome to design either a PvP or a PvE effect, but please specify which you're designing so I can judge balance appropriately.

      Judging Criteria:
      Here's what I focus on in judging, in order of priority:

      • Creativity - This contest is about doing something unique. Give me unique.
      • Balance - Make sure the card is not absurdly broken, just keep it in line a bit.
      • Elegance - The card's text should be easy to interpret at a glance.

      1. Place (Random Legendaries):
      1x Corners of the World
      1x Dark Desire of Nulzaan
      1x Sunsoul Phoenix
      2x The Berry Bunch
      1x Yule Tide

      2. Place (Portals):
      2x Cosmicron
      2x Riftstorm

      3. Place (Valor):
      3x Satyrs Roost Bard
      2x Dawn Mesa Duo

      The contest will end on Friday 23rd of February 17:00 CET (Central European Time) which equals I think 8:00 CST. Correct me of im wrong. I will try to judge and send out prizes that evening.

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    • Blighted Brushfire
      3 cost quick action
      [BLOOD] [RUBY]
      Sacrifice any number of plants. Add a burning counter to each opposing champion and give each non-plant troop -1/-1 for each plant sacrificed this way.

      It's a "tri-shard" card because you'd want to include wild in the deck to help you go wide with plants. I'd like it to be a PVP card but afaik burning counters are strictly a PVE thing....
    • Today we're building a sub-faction of Elves called the 'Skydancers'. These Elves have stumbled upon some pretty blue gems and are enamored of the beauty they offer. They are, like all Elves, performers. The best among them are called 'The Cobalt Wing'.

      Skydancer Initiate
      2 cost
      Common Elf Rogue
      [WILD] When this becomes exhausted, it gains 1 [ATTACK] .
      2 [ATTACK] /1 [DEFENSE]
      Skydancer training exhausts even the most hardy of souls. Only those who can shine brightest after a day of training are permitted to stay.

      Skydancer Instructor
      [WILD] [RUBY]
      1 cost
      Uncommon Elf Mage
      When a troop with Flight enters play, it gains +1 [ATTACK] /+1 [DEFENSE]
      1 [ATTACK] /1 [DEFENSE]
      "You probably wonder how such a frail old Elf can help you. My job is not to be in the spotlight, but to ensure you are prepared to be there."

      Passionate Cloudwalker
      2 cost
      Uncommon Elf Warrior
      [RUBY] Rage 1
      [WILD] [CRUSH]
      1 [ATTACK] /2 [DEFENSE]
      "My brothers and sisters claimed the trees. We have claimed the clouds for our stage!"

      Cobalt Butterfly
      3 Cost
      [RUBY] Troops you control with Flight have +1 [ATTACK]
      [WILD] Troops you control with Flight have +1 [DEFENSE]
      The beauty of the Cobalt Butterflies inspired the Skydancers to make their most famous dances.

      Asciera of the Cobalt Wing
      4 Cost
      Unique Elf Ranger
      [WILD] Deploy: Summon 2 Cobalt Butterflies
      [WILD] When this deals damage to a champion, Summon 1 Cobalt Butterfly
      2 [ATTACK] /1 [DEFENSE]
      "The Cobalt Wing were the first of the Skydancers, and we perform only for the most prestigious of audiences"

      The Opening Act
      [WILD] [RUBY]
      Rare 3 Cost Action
      Transform all non-unique Elves you control and in your hand into Skydancer Initiates. They get speed and Cost-1 this turn.
      [SAPPHIRE] Stun all troops without Flight.

      Many joined the Skydancers after their first performance shook the heavens for all to see. Those who didn't were rendered speechless by the performance's beauty.

      Cobalt Skydancer
      4 Cost
      Uncommon Elf Ranger
      [WILD] Diligence: Summon 1 Cobalt Butterfly
      "At first, we were drawn to the butterflies for their beauty. Now our dance draws them to us." - Cobalt Skydancer
      Gamer. Streamer. Photographer. Writer. Anime Lover. Possessor of Stuffed Animals.

      Also... I'm terrible at this game.

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    • Well for me, appeal to tri-shard would involve the fundamentals, i.e. resources. So like we have a tri-shard for Human and Coyotle already, perhaps something like:

      Faery Circle (resource)
      Fae allegiance: gain , or

      It's straightforward, forces you into a particular troop type to fully take advantage of it and meshes with an existing specialized resource mechanic. You could make an entire family of them for any troop type of the non-major races that crosses three threshold types.
    • In the spirit of tri-shard and the main races, I present the Exemplar series.
      Powerful, unique members of a race, they inspire greatness of their fellows through their presence, mastery of their race's uniqueness, and combinations of skills.

      One note on keywords. "Gain" is added to the card and persists if the granting card is no longer in play. "Have" is added to the card while the granting card is in play only. This will be highly important for balance of these cards.

      Human Exemplar
      Rare [ARDENT] Troop - Human Exemplar - Unique
      When a Human troop is Inspired, this gains +1 [ATTACK] /+1 [DEFENSE] .
      Gain a charge when a Human troop is Inspired.
      While you control a [RUBY] , [DIAMOND] , and [SAPPHIRE] Human Troop, this has [INVINCIBLE] .
      4 [ATTACK] /4 [DEFENSE]
      "Power, wisdom, and courage! Forward, for honor and glory! FOR CARLOTH!"

      Coyotle Timeshaper
      Rare [ARDENT] Troop - Coyotle Exemplar - Unique
      When a Coyotle troop is Prophecied, this gains +1/+1.
      Gain a charge when a Prophecied card enters your hand.
      While you control a [WILD] , [DIAMOND] , and [SAPPHIRE] Coyotle Troop, this has .
      "It is not enough to walk plains, skies, or dreams. One must shape them."

      (There are no orc troops that have a shard other than Ruby or Blood, currently.)
      Orc Battlelord
      [RUBY] [BLOOD] 4
      Rare [ARDENT] Troop - Orc Exemplar - Unique
      Once per turn: When a champion is dealt battle damage, this gains +1/+1.
      Once per turn: Gain a charge when a champion is dealt damage.
      While you control a [RUBY] and [BLOOD] Orc Troop and a [ARDENT] troop of another shard, this has .
      "Kog'tepetl welcomes all to fight, bleed, and die to feed him! Who's next?"

      (There are no elf troops other than Blightbark faction that have a shard other than Wild or Ruby, currently.)
      Elf Blessire
      [WILD] [RUBY] 4
      Rare Troop - Elf Exemplar - Unique
      Once per turn: When an Elf troop enters or leaves play, this gains +1/+1.
      When you gain a threshold, gain an additional charge.
      While you control a and [RUBY] Elf Troop and a [ARDENT] troop of another shard, this has .
      "Performances are wasted without an audience! Witness the stories!"

      (Necrotic use a variety of shards, but Blood and Diamond are most consistent. Allowing for the Sapphire or Ruby allows for a tri-shard without locking into a full five-shard archetype.)
      Necrotic Exemplar
      [BLOOD] [DIAMOND] ( [SAPPHIRE] or [RUBY] )4
      Rare [UNDERWORLD] Troop - Necrotic Exemplar - Unique
      Once per turn: When a Necrotic troop enters play or blocks, this gains +1/+1.
      Gain a charge when a power is Shifted.
      While you control a [BLOOD] , , and ( or [RUBY] ) Necrotic Troop, this has .
      "Share the pain, share the strength, awaken the potential."

      (There are no vennen troops that have a shard other then Blood or Sapphire, other than Lazgar Chul)
      Vennen Cardinal
      Rare Troop - Vennen Exemplar - Unique
      Once per turn: When a Vennen troop enters play or blocks, this gains +1/+1.
      Once per turn: Gain a charge when a spider attacks or blocks.
      While you control a and Vennen Troop and a [UNDERWORLD] troop of another shard, this has .
      "Share the pain, share the strength, awaken the potential."

      (There are no shin'hare troops that have a shard other than Wild or Blood, currently.)
      Shin'hare Shogun
      [WILD] 4
      Rare Troop - Shin'hare Exemplar - Unique
      Once per turn: When a Shin'hare or beast troop enters play or blocks, this gains +1/+1.
      Gain a charge when a Shin'hare troop is created.
      While you control a and [WILD] Shin'hare Troop and a [UNDERWORLD] troop of another shard, this has .
      "Honor and glory? We traded those long ago for duty and loyalty. Serve or die."

      (There are no Dwarf troops that have a shard other than Sapphire or Ruby, currently.)
      Dwarf Chief Excavator
      [SAPPHIRE] [RUBY] 4
      Rare Troop - Dwarf Exemplar - Unique
      When a troop enters play from tunnelling, this gains +1/+1.
      Once per turn: Gain a charge when a champion is dealt damage.
      While you control a [SAPPHIRE] and [RUBY] Dwarf Troop and a troop of another shard, this has .
      "Ye'd best be off, then. All this's gonna come down."

      Secondary note: I considered starting each of these as a 10-12 cost, but figured that decreasing costs as conditions were met would be less preferable to simply meeting the play requirements.
      Tertiary note: I considered additional powers such as " [RUBY] [RUBY] : Human troops you control have [SWIFTSTRIKE] . If they already had Swiftstrike, they have "This deals double damage."" Such requirements made the card text too long, and made them simply too powerful. A ramping card that's initially lower in power than Rune Ear Hierophant but has the potential for ramping its own strength and boosting charges is useful for most troop-containing, tri-shard decks.
    • Grandmaster Firellius
      [RUBY] [RUBY] 5
      Troop - Dragon Mage - Unique
      3 [ATTACK] 3 [DEFENSE]

      [RUBY] [RUBY] [RUBY] : When you play an action, create a random action you meet the threshold requirements to play, and put it into your deck.
      [SAPPHIRE] : When you play an action, draw a card. Move each action in your deck up one space.
      [WILD] : When you play an action, this gets +1/+1 and a random Boon.

      "For a scholar of the arts of magic, a world-shattering nexus of power like Hex is a treasure trove of knowledge. No wonder that he crossed realms to come to Entrath."

      Vanity card! I think we once had a vanity card contest too, but I couldn't come up with anything. I just knew it had to be something action-related. There's a few tri-shard types that are already in the game, mostly revolving around [DIAMOND] since, you know, Diamond is the shard of leadership and is by far the best suited for multicolour.

      But with the Auspex of Lanupaw, action decks kinda crept into tri-shard territory as well, so I decided to capitalise on that. The result is a tri-shard dependent troop that scales -massively- with action decks, capable of both creating more, drawing more, and growing unstoppable with spells cast.
    • Chaotic Wildfire
      3 mana (1 Sapphire)

      (Blood) => If you bury an oponent troop, random troop you control gains +1 attack
      (Ruby) => If you bury an opponent action, deal 1 damage to a random opposing troop or champion
      (Sapphire, Blood, Ruby) => If you bury a Robogoyle, void it instead

      Considering how some of the current chaostouched troops benefit from being agressive and attacking, this could potentially help create more kinds of decks that have mill as an alternate win condition and are more agressive, potentially turning mill into an aditional form of (unreliable) removal, or a finisher in case the oponent has no board. The bonus to attack on troop mill would also boost the Peddler, potentially. Also, for playing a tri shard mill, you get the bonus of countering the counter~ Son in a way, this is a glorified hate-the-hate card too, while still being useful without the effect.
    • After Ruby and Sapphire, Blood is probably the shard that most likes to play actions. So here is a Tri-shard card that would encourage a 3-color Action Matters Deck.

      Triple Threat
      Basic Action

      Your other actions in all zones get "Summon a Rock Elemental. It gets +2/+2 for each action played this turn."
      Your other [SAPPHIRE] actions in all zones get "Summon a Paper Elemental. It gets cost +1 for each action played this turn."
      Your other [BLOOD] actions in all zones get "Summon a Scissor Elemental. It gets +1/+1 for each action played this turn."

      Created Cards:

      Rock ElementalPaper Elemental
      Troop - Elemental

      Opponent's actions with cost less than or equal to this card's cost have +1 cost.
      0 [ATTACK] / 1 [DEFENSE]
      Scissor Elemental
      Troop - Elemental

      When an opposing troop enters play, that troop gets -1/-1. This gets -1/-1
      0 [ATTACK] / 0 [DEFENSE]
    • Name: Tiffany
      Cost: 5
      Threshold Requirement: [DIAMOND] [SAPPHIRE] [WILD]
      Type: Unique Troop - Alicorn Rogue
      Faction: Offset
      Rarity: Uncommon
      Abilities: [FLIGHT] , [INVINCIBLE]
      Gain a [WILD] threshold during each of your main phases.
      Patience: Take another turn after this turn if this turn isn't already an extra turn.
      1 /1
      Favor Text: Alicorns aren't the perfect combination of earth, unicorn, and pegasus ponies so when 1 comes along that truly incapacitates the features of 1 or more of them than that alicorn should be marveled rather than pitied for not being superior to the other 3 pony races in all regards. - Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe
    • My solution is to require other cards for bonuses. My cycle is based on a circle formed by: Blood - Wild - Diamond - Sapphire - Ruby; and a rare troop.

      Troop - Elemental

      Rage 1

      While you control a Flightbinger or Deathbinger this has +1/+1

      While you control a Flightbinger and Deathbinger this has Flight and Lethal



      2 [BLOOD]
      Troop - Elemental


      While you control a Ragebinger or Wrathbinger this has +1/+1.

      While you control a Ragebinger and Wrathbinger this has Crush and Rage 1.



      2 [WILD]
      Troop - Elemental


      While you control a Deathbinger or Lightbinger this has +1/+1.

      While you control a Deathbinger and Lightbinger this has Lethal and Swiftstrike.



      2 [DIAMOND]
      Troop - Elemental


      While you control a Wrathbinger or a flightbinger this has +1/+1.

      While you control a Wrathbinger and a Flightbinger this has Crush and Flight.



      2 [SAPPHIRE]
      Troop - Elemental


      While you control a Lightbinger or a Ragebinger this has +1/+1

      While you control a Lightbinger and a Ragebinger this has Swiftstrike and Rage 1



      Harbinger of the Elements
      Troop - Elemental Unique

      Whenever you play a non-troop card summon a troop with binger in it's name of the same thresholds.

      This has Attack and defense equal to the number of elementals you control in all zones.

      While you control three or more other troops with binger in their name this may attack as though it didn't have Defensive

      Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
      • Commisioner Pravin Lal - Alpha Centauri

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    • I love asymmetry in sets and I think it would be cool to have a set where getting large quantities of certain threshold mattered... but not for the other thresholds.

      The Shyvan savannah would accomplish exactly that. Having large quantities of Ruby and Diamond thresholds there improve your other cards.

      Shyvan Boar
      1 [WILD]
      Troop - Beast
      This gets + 1 [ATTACK] for each Ruby threshold you have and + 1 [DEFENSE] for each Diamond threshold you have.

      Shyvan Skyrider
      2 [SAPPHIRE]
      Troop - Human Warrior
      This gets + 1 [ATTACK] for each Ruby threshold you have and + 1 [DEFENSE] for each Diamond threshold you have.

      Shyvan Stalker
      4 [BLOOD]
      Troop - Necrotic Warrior
      This gets + 2 [ATTACK] for each Ruby threshold you have and + 2 [DEFENSE] for each Diamond threshold you have.

      Shyvan strike
      0 [DIAMOND]
      Quick action
      Gain [RUBY]
      Target creature gains + 1 [ATTACK] until end of turn.

      1 [WILD]
      Quick action
      Gain [DIAMOND]
      Target creature gains + 1 [ATTACK] .
    • 6 [WILD] [SAPPHIRE] [BLOOD] Undiscovered Forest
      Unique Constant
      This card gets cost -1 for each [WILD] you have.
      Whenever a resource enters an opposing crypt, gain [WILD] .
      [WILD] [WILD] [WILD] [WILD] : Transform this card into Unnatural Forest.
      "An incredible discovery! Nowhere in all of Entrath's maps has this forest labeled!"

      3 [WILD] [SAPPHIRE] [BLOOD] Unnatural Forest
      Unique Constant
      Whenever a troop enters an opposing crypt, transform each troop you control with cost 10 or less into another troop of the same shard with cost +1.
      [EXHAUST] , Sacrifice 3 troops you control with cost 10 and transform this card into Forest of Flesh.
      "The creatures in this forest, they grow at an unnatural rate...and in unnatural shapes..."

      10 [WILD] [SAPPHIRE] [BLOOD] Forest of Flesh
      Unique Troop- Chaostouched
      (0 [ATTACK] , 0 [DEFENSE] )
      Deploy- Transform each opposing troop into non-unique chaostouched troops.
      If this card would be destroyed, you may lose 2 [WILD] thresholds instead.
      This troop gains +1 [ATTACK] for each troop in opposing crypts.
      This troop gains +1 [DEFENSE] for each resource in opposing crypts.
      "This forest does not harbor many creatures. This forest is one singular creature."
    • 3 [WILD] [SAPPHIRE] [RUBY] Gateway to Another Reality
      [EXHAUST] , discard 2 or more portals that are currently of different shards: for each portal discarded this way summon a random entity of the same rarity
      [BASIC] 2 resources : replace target portal in your hand with a portal of the same rarity

      Generates infinite value by itself if left unchecked because afaik every entity can create a portal somehow. Should be kind of a crapshoot getting portals of different shards to discard, but has a mana sink ability to help that out.

      Gateway Galoshes - feet - you Gateways to Another Reality instead have "summon two entities of the same rarity"
    • PvP

      Biodiverse Biome
      7 [WILD] [WILD]

      Play up to three different basic shards from your deck, then for each different threshold they create, add one random troop of that threshold which you meet the threshold requirement to play to your hand.

      Diversity adds survivability, if one falls, the rest might still survive.

      Equips: Gloves of the Biomancer
      Reduce the cost of all Biodiverse Biome by one for each threshold you have

      Biologist's Coat
      Instead, your Biodiverse Biome's say "Play up to three different shards from your deck, then for each different threshold they create, add one random troop of that threshold which you meet the requirement to play to your hand".
    • One Antics Blighted Bushfire:

      This was the first post and when I read it, I was like: „This is exactly what I wanted from this“. You made a really cool flavorfull 2 Shard Card, that perfectly fits its own shards effectwise, while also instantly screaming: „Hey, wanna try this with wild?“. You dont have to play this in a trishard deck, but you really want to. Also seems very nicely balanced, maybe a bit too weak, but the One-sided? board clear really does a lot for this.

      Eraias Skydancers:

      Someone’s got a similar taste to me :P
      A really cool take on the „need different Thresholds for full effect“ variant.
      I really like the flavor of the cards. If there ever was a reason for Elves to pick up a third shard you got the way how.
      I would love to play these in limited. Please Hex, make it happen.

      Castle Antrax‘ Faery Circle:

      Ressources are of course a very important part of any deck, but this one doesn‘t really make me wan‘t to play trishard. It just seems like a copy of the already existing trishard-allegiance without the charge gain and on a less common trait. So even though it is of course a very important card for a deck in these shards it doesn‘t fit the criteria very well.

      Zyblens Exemplars:

      I really like these cards, as they take existing strategies, that theoretically are already in 3 Shards, and give you a huge incentive on actually playing them in 3 Shards and not just in the 2 better ones. Great tools for some troopheavy trishard midrange decks.

      Firelius‘ Grandmaster Firelius:

      I love the design here. Having one main shard which requires heavy investment and 2 sideshards that give you nice bonuses upon splashing. This is also playable in 2 Shard decks (and might even be best in sapphire decks splashing ruby (welcome back Wrenlocke)), but you just wan‘t to taste the full power of it.

      Karots Chaotic Wildfire:

      Interesting take of making mill trishard. As with the above I really like how you can play this without having all colors assembled but only get the full power once you have. (I didn‘t write it before, but its still true.)
      It has some very powerfull effects, which really wants you to play it.

      Bizs Card:

      Very interesting take on a card, with the trishard deckbuilding restriction, which feels very fitting. I feel like you should scrap the deploy ability, as it is just too huge a drawback, maybe increase the cost to 6 then, but paying basicly 10 to play something which doesnt do anything for your opponents next two turns feels just too bad.

      Arcanyx‘ Triple Threat:

      Very nice finisher (start of a finisher/Candlelight/ascension/whatever) for an action based R/B/S deck. Seems like something that could really make this work. I also love how you managed to get the Rock/Paper/Scissors in there, with each beating one other how they are supposed to. Very cool and creative card.

      Invinibles Tiffany:

      Cool card and VERY strong basicly a Mastery of time, that will just happen next turn again. Definatly a hige incentive to go trishard. However I think that the Invincibility pushes it slightly over the top. Even without it you atleast get a turn and a card from your opponent, which is very powerfull.

      Slayer Strongholds Bingers:

      Cool cycle, but I would rather play these in a 5 shard deck, to try and take advantage of all the abilities. And then the reward just doesn‘t seem to be worth the effort. Cute idea, but it just doesn‘t get me excited.

      Shylbas Shyvan Savannah:

      Very cool Idea of pumping up one or two main Threshold and then splashing another shard for the card with the payoff, like a Ruby Mightsinger or a Wild Matriarch. I would however prefer if all the payoff cards were gathered in one single third shard, so you wouldnt have to spend 3 Thresholds injust gerting your Threshold depending Payoffs online.

      Haughty Heretics Undiscovered Forest:

      Interesting evolving card, however it just doesn‘t get me exited to play it. Seems like going through a giant quest to get..... a big troop.

      One Antics Gateway to another Reality:

      Very cool take on infinite portals, which not only requires 3 Shards to cast, but also wants you to have more different shards, so your portals go into different shards. Very nice fancy portal card. (Also kind of fits in the theme of Entities coming out of Portals and tearing holes into reality which open more portals.)

      Lunavis Biodiverse Dome:

      Very cool big draw 6 card, for late game in trishard decks running wild. I really like how you made people want to play this in trishard. Very smart ;D
    • Judgement:

      Note, that this is entirely subjective and based on my personal preferances, which means, that there were great designs but didnt really fit me and give me an excited feeling at being able to have these in the game.

      1. Place: Zyblens Exemplars
      2. Place: Eraias Skydancers
      3. Place: One Antics Portal Madness

      Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants.

      Prizes will be sent out SOONTM