[PS4] Add (optional) cursor for better navigation on the battleboard

    • [PS4] Add (optional) cursor for better navigation on the battleboard

      The controls via PS4's d-pad and analog stick can be really frustrating sometimes. Especially if you want to check opponents Champion or crypt... the control jumps all over the board but not on things you want to navigate to.

      Yesterday I wasn't able to navigate and check one of opponents constants.

      My suggestion for better navigation... add a cursor (like it's used in the game Destiny) by holding L2 (or any other unused button).
      Or make use of the PS4 touchpad. Make the cursor appear/disappear by pressing the touchpad... swipe to navigate.
    • This is something they really need to adjust with ps4 as sometimes the menu isnt fully available to read a card or you cannot access certain things in the menus simply because its not setup to be navigated well on the ps4.

      Additionally Id again like to note it would be nice to get some option to merge your ps4 account with a PC account so that it is optional for you to swap to pc if you want and retain all of your cards there are alot of cross over games with this option I think it is an option that should be made a priority while they are working on other things for the ps4 as it would be nice to be able to swap to the pc and still access some of the features while being able to comfortably play it on the ps4. When you feel like it as well.