Mass Produce Card and Gear

    • Mass Produce Card and Gear

      So, I just received the PVE card Mass Produce for the first time and was checking it out. The text on the card reads "Summon X replicas of target troop." The Headgear for the card also reads "Summon X replicas of target troop." How does the gear affect this card? Thanks!

      On another note, the card won't link using the forum's card linker, so here is a screenshot I took:

      And a little bigger:
    • Very likely. When original card text is replaced by equipment text it would say "instead" on the equipment. Since that's not the case the equipment text just gets added to the text that is already there. So it would have 2x the same text resulting in the effect being doubled.

      Don't have it either so I can't check to be sure.
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    • Yeah, it makes it so the effect triggers two separate times (you choose whatever troop you want each time). There are a few other equips that do things similar to this in the game ( King Lodegan's Call for example has an equip that makes it do a second set of troop summoning).

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