Selling collection Cheap

    • Selling collection Cheap

      Decided to try and sell it once again in case someone is interested. This is the link from my account:!/cards/co…=501...1000&price=1000%2B

      I am currently only selling the rares/legends and promos which are priced higher than 31p. I believe the floor rares make people think they take a good chunk of account's value, so I decided to remove them so people get only the cards which are indeed playable. You can play with the tcgbrowser filters a bit(link doesn't include cards 1k+ for some reason), but at the time of my opening this thread the total value is at 1,324,158 platinum. Purchasing the whole collection with all the equips,comm/unc and floor rares is also possible. Also, if you have ideas on big chunks of cards(like complete sets) or complete decks, that is also fine by me.

      For the payment either bank transfer or paypal is fine with me. Middleman is also fine. The cost will be split.

      P.S. I honestly just don't have the time to sell all of the cards separately, so I am willing to sell at a low percentage of my accounts value for some guys who are selling daily to profit quite a lot from it. The percentage I am selling this is just about 30% considering the nature of cards I am selling. All offers are welcome, but try not to be ridiculous please.

      Taking offers, highest so far 1900$.
    • That offer is for the part of the collection that is specified, not the whole collection. The offer for the whole collection is around 2.2k$. And well as I do respect every offer and consider it, I don't think 1750$ for this collection if a fair deal. But thank you once again for your offer.