Generations: A Dwarf Story

    • Generations: A Dwarf Story

      I like ye, kid. Ye've got gumption. That ambition we all need. That creative spark that'll do ye good in th' long run, if'n ya get the impulsiveness under control. That's why I'm gonna tell ye a story, an' not blast ye inta pebbles for interferin' in me work. Y'see, a long time ago, we were content ta jus' dig. We made paths, tunnels, an' burrows all over th' world, but none o' 'em lasted. We grew. We learned. We kep' figurin' out ways ta dig bigger, faster, an' mos' importan', ta make our work last. Some o' us like the 'splodin' things, makin' delightful shockwaves and great destructive booms. More o' us like ta make th' tunnels, wit' a few braces ta make 'em last... an' a few key points ta bring 'em all down later. Others wan' ta go straight down, goin' for the promise o' a Great Machine to run th' world.

      Which are ye? Och, ye'll figure i' out when ya grow in s'more beard an' 'ave been diggin' a while. Right, th' story.

      Once, a newly-dug dwarf like ye dug 'imself inta a master machinist's shop, figurin' he'd pick up a few blueprints an' improve on 'em, makin' a name for 'imself an' gettin' some better tunnels in th' process. O'course, 'e got caught. Jus' like ye. Ol' dwarf saw 'imself in the youngster, from back in th' day, where 'e got inta a clockworks foundry. 'E offered th' youngster a job. Scut-work, really, but it was a good start on an opportunity th' young'n 'd not otherwise 'ave. Th' youngster took ta it like a worm ta warm mud, an' eventually became a trust'd apprentice. Not trust'd 'nuff fer th' oldster ta let 'im in on 'is overall plan, which eventually got th' machinist crunched, but enough ta take over th' shop once th' oldster crumped it. Jus' like 'is master before 'im.

      So. Guess that's m'story and m'offer. Think it o'er a bit. An' while ye're danglin' there, see if'n ye can come up wit' an idea fer a better lynchpin fer tha' joist. Jus' dun squirm too 'ard, or ya might pull it ou'. There's a goo' lad. See ye in a bit.