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    • Happy to hear the approach @HEXCoryJones is taking, going for 'new ways to play' instead of prioritizing time/resources spent on making incremental changes to non needle moving systems.

      What I'm hoping for is two things:

      For PvE (multiyear plan):
      1) Keep developing Siege mode out to be the ultimate addicting repeatable PvE mode that never gets old. This will require:
      a) More siege defense customization options including ability to equip passive or activated abilities as well as more cosmetic dimensions (all which provide loot opportunities).
      b) Eventual expansion of siege attack to include phantom drafted decks/abilities akin to HS dungeons/Slay the Spire (will also require siege chaining or expansion of siege defense to beyond 3 encounters).
      c) Expansion of attack to allow multiple attackers (raid) and special Siege raid defenses (allows a new slew of champions/passives etc).
      d) Systems to tie this altogether through ladderboards, seasons, rating system, gauntlet style paid 'runs', etc.

      For PvP (permanent addition, or at least replace the Kismet drafts):
      2) While some people are fine with the slow and gritty limited options on offer now, we desperately also need an arcade mode that is more fun and quick (I think many people, at least I do, get turned off the idea of having to wait so long from deciding to wanting to play, to being in a match). To do this we could use a completely asynchronous phantom option. You pay for a draft and are immediately picking among cool rares/legendaries. Click, click, click, boom, bam and you have a insanely wild deck ready to queue a few minutes after logging on. I would even be up for a wheel to spin at the start of every match that determines special 'board conditions' for that game alone like ("spells costs -1", "troops have Deathcry: transform this into a random troop with cost -1", "troop attack and defenses are switched", or whatever wacky thing you want to amplify the diversity/fun).

      I don't need cosmic coins, chest revamp, new ladders, or whatever else as much if I'm just having fun. Let's go back to finding what will make people have fun, and all those other details will become less important.