My Hot Stream (A Hex Series YouTube Channel)

    • My Hot Stream (A Hex Series YouTube Channel)

      As always I'll preface this by saying I'm not really into self-promotion, I rarely post messages like these but times are hard. Anyone affected by this, post below and together we can try to make a difference.

      As some may know, YouTube is removing partnerships from the majority of people on the platform, i.e. anyone with less than 1k subs & 4,000 hours viewed. The loss will affect our ability to protect our accounts, fight against malicious copyright trolls and have any ability to contact YouTube if a problem arises.

      I've been doing Hex for a year and a half now on the channel and as the series comes close to wrapping up the 2nd adventure zone on both factions, I was hoping I could get any support possible to keep my YouTube channel in the clear for 2018. I'm a fair bit away from the target 1k subscribers (575) but the watch hours are close (1.5k hours left). Crunching the numbers, if I can get the subscribers remaining, and they watched a little over 2.5 hours, I would be saved. I've linked my playlists below.

      Hat in hand, if you can, throw a subscription, if you don't mind, check out the videos, eviscerate me in the comments if you will, it all helps. I enjoy Hex warts & all and I want to keep it going in 2018 without the fear that my channel could be irreconcilably broken for any reason and never have the opportunity to fix it. I hope I can get your support. Thank you.

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